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PVA Creator Spotify Premium doesn't work for over 1 month

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I cannot believe - Am I the only one using this software? Or am I the only one with this problem?

Since over 1 month PVA creator is not working. I have a open ticket since a month - but nothing happens.

I think since spotify changed something in the last weeks I cannot create accounts anymore. There is a cookie message which has to be accepted first. And that's the point where the software directly fails. It cannot find the fields to fill them out.

The programmer does not want to fix this as far as I see this. But why I am not reading froms others with this problem?

Or are you using a different software which you can recomment? It's not the first time PVA creator is not useable and needs a lot of time that it comes back.... If someone has a hint for me, feel free...

Dora Smith
2021/01/22 16:54:16


Are you using the latest version(PVA v2.9.3)?

Can you tell us what error mesages you got here?

2021/01/22 20:51:02
my postw as from october- It's working great right now
Dora Smith
2021/01/25 16:49:00

Thanks for your fast reply!

Glad to hear that.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

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