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emmazhouzhou 2018/04/17 13:52:39 3 2
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Nishant Kaundal 2021/09/11 02:05:52 0 0
Facing these problems :Occassionaly program exists itself while campaign is runningIt stops working at the date of birth sectionIf i enter DOB myself, it doesn't work.Need specialist to fix this for me
Cleaverix 2021/07/25 03:41:26 0 0
All drivers and files are installed. I did everything correctly. correct in my settings. Yahoo stays on this white page after filling in name, username, password, date of birth. Normally the phone number should come. When I look at the sms verification site, it seems to have received the number, everything works.please help i have been struggling for hours. where is the problem?
SmSmAleX 2021/06/20 19:50:45 0 0
hello,after update pva creator when i run twitter campaign first screen type random name only and the browser is closed atomicallyand open next account and same problemi use software from 1 year and i know every thing on itwhat the problem
abhishek-a 2021/06/27 01:58:50 0 0
PVA creator not working with phone number verification it just get crash and move to other in list. .
madbhr 2018/06/16 08:03:58 0 0
I took it to create an account, but I can not runhow to instagram account create ?...
joujgh 2021/05/29 12:04:51 0 0
hello , i need correct imap or pop3 config  to get auto confirmation code in campaigns when i try create instagram by outlook its failed , only manually confirmation code (( , any solution ?
dynastmui 2021/05/22 15:51:05 0 0
Extractor file failed! PVACreator...
Alan2115 2021/04/25 07:32:11 0 0
Hey, I have a problem with setting up a Gmail account when I create a task and run it, after a while the browser window pops up and closes.Does anyone know how to fix it?
Mibrahi4 2021/04/21 08:00:53 0 0
Every time I tried to open PVA CreatorWeb site "System Is Upgrading" always appearThis message still exist for more than 3 days
Joystiff 2021/04/11 04:38:45 0 0
I downloaded the software that I purchased and it does not allow me to open it. I am on Mac OS using a windows 7 (64 bit) virtual machine on virtual box. Once downloaded I try to open it and I receive an error saying it can not be opened and the unzipped file is invalid . I have unzipped it but that does not help me to open and run the software that I have just downloaded. Someone please help me.
my name is Jeff 2019/06/09 11:42:22 0 0
Just download PVA creator and it's not working  
Kaze Sensei 2021/03/14 00:41:46 0 0
Im new to the software I bought this software 2 weeks ago I added hq http proxies, working emails and passwords. Everytime when I try to start the software everything goes right until when the auto debug clicks on sign up i get 0 created accounts I tried many times with different hq proxies nothing is working can somebody help me.
1997yizhe 2019/08/24 17:08:31 0 0
I have some presale questions.1) Does PVAcreator for IG version support create accounts using only phone number?2) Does PVAcreator support 5sim.net for sms verification?
DJ Jones 2021/03/14 09:43:30 0 0
How do i use getsmscode in the latest version? 
alejandro sanchez 2021/02/24 04:23:16 0 0
im having problem using PVA creator for GMAIL,  90% of the number it used fails, and when it use a working one never write down the code and gets stuck..also it never tries new number, when its a bad number it closes the whole browser and start again, is there a way to keep triying number untill it find a working one? 
alejandro sanchez 2021/02/23 23:23:03 0 0
is there a way to make the gmail account creator turn on less secure app option automatically?
klucas 2021/02/08 18:58:12 0 0
Hello! Could anyone help me create hotmail accounts? when to come to the captcha part the window close all the time. Also does 2captha still works with the program?
mxn2020 2021/02/07 01:55:45 0 0
I cannot create accounts for web.deThe message is:"Bad End. Message: load registration page timeout"Can you please help me?
kutwak 2021/01/28 03:51:44 1 0
Can I somehow create PVA CREATOR accounts on amazon.de instead of amazon.com?
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