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John Blues

Is TBP2 working for you in March 2020?

ReplyThanks 2020/03/12 08:33:53 2 0

Hi. I'm looking to buy the software. My questions are, simple. 1)Is the software working well for you? 2)Is the traffic showing up successfully in google analytics?

Thanks for any input.

Dora Smith
2020/03/12 18:47:22

@John Blues
Hello. Here are some suggestions.
1) The software works well as it promises on the sales page.

2) If you want to be able to count the direct browsing traffic, you can only do the traffic statistics on your own website (generally, the webpage is embedded with the javascript that counts the traffic, please confirm this). If there is embedded javascript and the statistics cannot be counted, it is recommended to keep the page stay time Increase by 30 seconds.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

John Blues
2020/03/12 23:50:00
Does this still successfully work with ad.fly?
Dora Smith
2020/03/13 20:35:27

@John Blues

Sorry, what did you mean "ads.fly"? Could you please give us more details?

2020/05/13 18:39:04

The bot is full of bugs and does not work as advertised on the sales page.There are SO MANY things wrong with this bot that I just don't know where to start!

They have removed the "progress bar" feature 5 months ago. I have been asking to get it back by contacting your support dozens of times. Theypromised to add the "Done/Total count" to the bot instead of the Progress bar. They have been sending bullshit replies to my email requests for the past 5 months, always lying that they will add this in, or asking to give them more time. AFTER 5 MONTHS! They could just refund part of the payment then if they take some of the features out just like that.

Proxies should be used RANDOMLY from the list provided - this is what ALL bots do these days. Yet they are saying they will consider adding this "feature" for months as well.

Support of the bot is HORRIBLE, and I mean, you feel like you're dealing with stupid 3-year olds who don't even understand what you write.

Dora Smith
2020/05/17 16:16:16


The software works well as its promised on the sale page.

The features you want are new features, and usually we add a new feature that requires an extra charge, but we will try to help you add it for free.

We also replied to you through support tickets. Please check it.

2020/05/20 15:33:54

I confirm that support got the "progress bar" feature added back to the bot after continuous email communication and submitting information here on this forum.

The Proxies issue (proxies to be used randomly from the list saved) has not been addressed yet, I will update here when this has been solved as well.
Dora Smith
2020/06/04 14:57:21


Thanks for your update!

Proxies to be used randomly or sequentially have the same effect because proxies will be reused multiple times.

Mainly because you have too few proxies. Then the same proxy will be used multiple times every day.
Here are suggestions.
If there are few proxies, you can change a batch of proxies after a period of time.
If there are many proxies, do not worry. Do not use the same ip too many times a day.
2020/08/11 21:55:08

It's been almost 9 months now since I reported the issue to Support for proxy randomization not working (8+ months, this is not a typo!). They keep on promising to get this fixed but they never do. Sometimes, they start saying it's not a bug at all until it takes 2 weeks again for them to realize it is, and promise they would get it fixed.

Support - users of your bot are expecting for you to FIX the bugs! Get this issue fixed finally! and release an update!!

Now the bot is taking proxies sequentially!! It MUST take a RANDOM proxy for every visit!

WHEN will you get this fixed??

Dora Smith
2020/08/13 15:32:26


1. As we told you before, taking proxies randomly is meaningless.

The effect of using proxy randomly and sequentially is the same.

Can you tell me how many proxies you use?

2. Regarding the function shown in your screenshot, this function is used to import a free proxy from the proxy source rather than to set the proxy sequence. Hope you can understand it!

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