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APCliff 2020/08/08 03:50:20 0 0
Can traffic bot be use for downloading files? And how can it be done?
Tasim Khan_wufEh 2019/11/18 00:41:50 0 0
hello admin can you tell me how to install trafficbotpro in  centos  dedicated server
savior_khan 2020/08/02 08:39:30 0 0
Hi,I want to software to visit the subpage randomly, how to do that?e.g, the software opens a website, then click any link on the page to visit it and then close it.Can i do that?Thanks.
savior_khan 2020/07/20 17:51:42 0 0
Hi,I just bought trafficbotpro and packet stream. However, i don't know how to add packet stream to this software. Can anyone guide me how to do it?Thanks, Any help will be greatly appreciated.
timyalcin 2020/05/30 01:47:00 0 0
Has anyone recently started to experience issues with TrafficBotPro which results unsuccessful searches?Even though I setup quality rotating proxies correctly and binded them successfully, I get the error below for every search resutls;Our sytem have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending requests, and not a robot....
timyalcin 2020/05/30 20:45:52 0 0
Has anyone recently started to experience "Unusual traffic from your computer network" error during Google Serches?I am trying with different Proxy companies but getting the same error each time.I already successfully binded the proxies...What might be causing this?Any help will...
timyalcin 2020/05/31 04:09:33 0 0
Is there anyone successfully using TrafficBotPro with Google Search?Evet I have tried different proxt companies any different proxy types, I always get "Unusual traffic from your computer network" error...
Johnny81 2020/07/12 16:16:49 0 0
Dear, I tried to Setup Google search + custom Setup to cklick inner page after coming from Google. After coming from Google the custom Setup doesen′t work but the ist only scroling to the bottom doing the Standard Programm.Why is it acting like this?Kind regradsJohn
klucas 2020/05/08 20:54:09 0 0
Hello! How can I run more than one task at once? I run quite a few bots from whathatbox but in this one I cant find the task option.
Johnny81 2020/07/01 14:54:12 0 0
Dear, I added a custom journey using direct browsing tab.I start from inner Wikipedia page  set custom cklick to my page and set scroll to a inner link on page and click inner link on my page.When th Bot is switching from Wikipedia to my site it don′t find the controls. How can that be? If I test the Setting everything is right.Please advice!...
ramialaich 2020/06/04 11:36:21 0 0
Hello,Kindly I need answers for the following question to help me buying this software.1. I want to buy Search Engine Version, does it come with the upgrades or i need to buy them separately? 2. Search Engine Version comes with its proxies and they are renewed every period, or I have to add my own list?3. Search Engine Version has proxies from Middle East or not?4. Does it support Arabic...
Tasim Khan_HZKQl 2019/10/27 16:18:56 0 0
when i use proxxy Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot. Why did this happen?
[email protected] 2019/04/29 17:53:41 0 0
HiAdmin, most of the TBP v2 users (me also) are fetching this software operating issue.So please make a TrafficBotPro V2 Tutorial for users to avoid crowd of TBP V2 operating issue.Thanks
klucas 2020/05/10 17:54:28 0 0
Hello!Could someone explain to me why the bot doesn't work? I have tried to run the tasks in different ways but in the end it always gives me an error. Those of support do not respond what seems to me a little odd because they respond super fast for the other bots. I am a bit disappointed in the truth, paying so much money for something that is not worth anything....
nmaniac 2020/05/10 17:32:24 0 0
I can't set up a search in Google for pictures:google -> keyword -> click on image -> go to websiteCan you help me
darklorne 2019/06/20 13:34:56 0 0
NO TUTORIALS or USER MANUAL! Why are you selling Software with no instructions how to Use it!? I just purchased Traffic Bot Pro II $175 and there is NO USER MANUAL NO VIDEOS NOTHING! All I could find on the internet was an OLD video from 2 years ago. The software interface looks NOTHING like it does on the video, and the volume of the guy speaking is VERY LOW, I can barely hear him. I am pissed off! To charge this much for software and expect people to just GUESS how to use it. Ridiculous! If I ...
dimrain13 2020/06/11 07:57:36 0 0
It works with this app. Make sure you save the settings for the click ad and have each proxy set up for each task count you want to run. Below I have it set for the same IP with the port range that I was given. It works as advertised. It took some time before I realized the combination of issues that caused this....
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