neerajvijay 2013/12/14 00:29:14 0 0
I have purchased the elite package of Spinnerchief. It is only 1 month now & it is showing expired.Please let me know what is the issue. I paid $12 for 3 months.Username: neerajvijay
mrdemigod 2013/11/17 19:47:50 0 0
I already share it on facebook and refresh it but then there's no downlink link?Please help me.
yesorno 2013/05/16 12:02:48 0 0
Here is the new forum for SpinnerChief.We will provide full and fast support for SpinnerChief users at here!
rcclark999 2013/09/17 19:22:02 0 0
I was wondering if it is possible to open a suggestions thread to make the software the "go to spinner". I love using it and like hearing ways to improve it. GSA Search Engine Ranker has a very dedicated forum which suggested improvements are thrown out there and Sven and Ozz (the go to guys at GSA) are on it, sometimes within a matter of hours.It could really help Spinner Chief become a whole lot better than it already is. I have about a dozen suggestions right now and don't know where to post ...
rcclark999 2013/09/18 19:56:04 0 0
I am getting a little frusterated with the mods here, no communication on this forum. I have posted many suggestions, bugs, etc... and no replies from anyone!! Working with SC3 again today and found a couple more problems.....Should I state what they are? Who is going to listen? Go to GSA search engine ranker forum and see what a true dedicated team is like.... Questions are answered in minutes!!!!!!!!!No suggestions...
rcclark999 2013/09/17 19:32:49 0 0
I have a suggestion and was wondering if it is possible to make it happen.  My suggestion is enabling the super spin feature to work after I have spun on the paragraph or sentence level.  It tries to do it now, but will only spin parts of my paragraphs. It will spend some of them fully, but always seems to cut one are two in half, it seems.So I end up in having to cut the paragraphs into...
lifebox 2013/09/17 10:12:50 0 0
I'm not sure if there is already a way to solve this function, so tell me if it's already implemented.I love the identify synonyms function. I believe that is what makes an article unique in the eyes of copyscape. However, it is still tedious trying to manually spin those identified words. ...
WhiteHatBox 2013/08/25 19:02:38 0 0
We will release the SpinnerChief 3 this week, and here is a video to see it fast >>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLDhk65gd2M&feature=youtu.be If you want to be the first to get a free beta copy, reply to this topic :)...
rcclark999 2013/09/18 15:44:02 0 0
SC needs an abort button. I try to spin many different ways and really want to "test drive" the software. When it tries to spin some things it will get stuck in an endless loop and I have to reboot it. I regularly save my progress with notepad, so I don't have to start all over. An ABORT BUTTON would eliminate these problems.
rcclark999 2013/09/17 19:44:09 0 0
After I have manually spun an article, I wish I could hit a button that would save all of my manually entered synonyms for the article. I write several articles for several different niches and it would really help if I could save all of those synonyms to a file withing spinnerchief, or a folder so I could use it again for another article in the niche.Right now I just keep SC open and enable Super Replace function, so I can write as many articles on the...
rcclark999 2013/09/11 21:32:54 0 0
I have a couple of bugs to report, the purpose of a beta version....right? Anyways, the super replace just freezes up and is a real pain, lost a whole article because I can't edit or anything, just closes the program. I have a video but don't want to share with the masses.The next thing is the extra spaces that it puts in the spintax using super replace. Spinnerchief eliminates these, but if I'm going to use the spintax somewhere else, will it work the same way? I have a...
mesbahul 2013/08/29 11:04:53 0 0
I am interested in spinnerchief 3 software. Please send download link.
shawa 2013/08/30 08:54:27 0 0
After sharing, there is no download link
hug5901 2013/08/27 08:39:07 0 0
Can I have download link - spinner chief 3 Beta please.
shawa 2013/08/26 05:43:09 0 0
Hello, thank you for this update, am waiting eagerly to see this update prior to purchase the paid version. Please let me in quickly.Ashraf
SOMAA 2013/08/26 02:32:16 0 0
Hey and CongratsAm waiting for this update long time ago, hope everything goes well with this version so that finally purchase the paid version.Please let me download it.RegardsSomaa
bubble 2013/08/29 14:26:29 0 0
hi interested in sc3 beta. please send link
cbrowne888 2013/09/01 01:59:40 0 0
HiI am still having problems downloading the Spinner Chief Beta software. It maybe me but having attempted about half a dozen times, and getting the same response, I think there maybe something wrong with the link for downloading.Any suggestions??? 
katseo 2013/08/27 08:21:38 0 0
Maybe server is buggy, i can't post my response to get the link for SCIIIThx to make it work plz :) and good luck
mesbahul 2013/09/01 19:43:45 0 0
It's a best spinning software. I love to use it. Thanks
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