fancypants 2019/05/06 18:30:42 0 0
Hi, Is there any way to stop the bot running every campaign consecutively? I would like to have the campaigns run throughout the day and not one after the other.Thanks
[email protected] 2019/04/26 07:22:06 0 0
Do we get version 2 upgrade?If not, will version 1 still get updates to reflect search engine changes?
geraldpil 2019/04/22 22:41:12 0 0
HelloThe version 2 looks cool. I am stumped how can we set it up to click our Adsense ads?Is there any training available on how to use this version?
[email protected] 2019/05/01 14:06:02 0 0
Hi AdminWhich VPN Service do you recommend for WhiteHatBox Software?
Dr. Matthew Boley 2019/03/27 07:06:10 2 0
I would like to make this search in the Google GMB / Maps section to improve CTR to the website.  Is this possible? Thanks. 
fadabaci 2019/04/22 21:45:35 0 0
Kindly respond to my previous post on Upgrade of Features. It's important we have these upgrade fast.
[email protected] 2019/04/26 02:14:24 0 0
Can I upgrade my Traffic Bot Pro to Traffic Bot Pro V-2 without cost?
didi101 2019/04/26 00:35:17 0 0
unfortunately nothing works in the new version 2.Program breaks off again and again.Where is the option browser directlyPlease revise the new versionTHANK YOU
michloeonline 2019/04/21 08:43:39 0 0
Can I get some support please regarding my ticket?ts #83256 it says my "supporter" is "Lily Brown" but I have not gotten any replies since yesterday morning. When I purchased the program I was under the impression I was purchasing version 2 as I got the 55% discount for Traffic Bot Pro v2. And even on the main website www.trafficbotpro.com it clearly advertises for version 2. Then down at the bottom of the page there is no way to differentiate version 1 from 2 so I naturally assumed purchasing t...
jeff1985 2019/04/13 06:37:45 0 0
I’m eager to buy this bot but I need it work on cpm ad networks and not get blocked. We uses google ad exchange and other top cpm based ad networks we know we must buy the top proxy conpanies but we need advice from earning on display and video ads
Deniss 2019/02/12 15:40:52 0 0
I get fail only every time i run this program, I have tried all sorts to get a success count, but cannot. I set it up click verify run, and get fail count every time.  Anyone any Ideas I did try and get Support to help but could not connect on Teamviewer i gave them my ID and waited but they have not given me their ID I tried for 2 hours. I think that there is maybe one setting wrong but without a guide on how to setup it all hit and miss. Good j...
fadabaci 2019/04/11 20:29:12 0 0
Having tested this software for a while now, I realized that it needs to be better.I have tested with adsense account and I have some reactions.Google is upgrading it's algorithm everyday to fish out patterns such as this bot.This bot doesn't scroll on the inner link when clicked, this can increase bounce rate and I also noticed that this hot doesn't open ads when if campaigns are customed to visit inner page.This bot follows one pattern with each campaign which can be very botlike to google. Di...
Randle4813 2019/04/28 14:18:17 0 0
Real talk for $100 bucks I need and expect my software to run 90% smoothly. I'm not in the mood to dish out tons of money for something that runs like $20 piece of software.With that being said. Version 2 crashes ALOT. The proxie scraper is super slow. And I can't set up the ADClick or Loadurl settings properly. It's not recognizing or finding my  ads. It keep telling me that dont find any item with that seek condition. No matter what I choose, it...
fadabaci 2019/04/27 22:59:54 0 0
I come here everyday hoping my post has been attented to but nothing.Most time what we get here is "wait for the news" and nothing happens afterwards.This is pretty bad for a lot of customers most especially those that pay for expensive monthly proxy quota, everyday counts because money has been spent.Your lack of attention might just be hazardous to our websites, google adsense accounts etc.If there's one thing that guarantees customer loyalty, its great customer support.
seommedia 2017/09/29 19:50:28 1 0
Hi all, It would be nice for some reviews to be shown so that those like me can make up our minds. Did anyone use it for a while now? How about some newbies that tried this and maybe at first had some issues, but have got the hang of it and maybe feel this is the best traffic bot ever? Any reviews for this bot would be great.  
tpkfung820 2018/12/16 08:41:52 0 0
Hi,I see that we could setup VPN for Traffic Bot Pro. I have CyberGhost account and have created VPN server on CyberGhost and OpenVPN. I run OpenVPN on my computer as server and entered the server details on Traffic Bot Pro, however, it still indicates Proxy: Null when running.Can someone guide me the correct setting? Thanks! 
geraldpil 2019/04/12 22:10:19 0 0
HelloI see the proxy scraper has been updated today and it does seem to work very well.What I am not sure of is does it auto and test automatically?
beryfarnandas 2019/04/16 00:28:54 0 0
Hi whitehatbox members i am looking for fast and cheap proxy service my lot of friends suggested me ****** . Is anyone here who is using their service?
fadabaci 2019/04/16 13:34:45 0 0
It's been days here and none of these guys have answered to topic/questions.They have been silent.
aaanswer 2018/11/17 00:15:47 0 0
I am using TBP for few weeks now.The problem is the low success rate with the free source of proxies available in the software. I decided to add new sources and then I realized that each and every time the proxies scraped are from the same source no mater if I delete them, delete the original source or use a new one at a time. I keep getting the same ips like there are no new sources added. I haven't realized it until today where I screenshot them and restart the software...
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