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WhiteHatBox 2017/08/10 12:16:47 0 0
Hi guys, we released Traffic Bot Pro just now, it is a great tool to increase traffic, boost rank and click yourself AD to make money.Please let us know if there is any suggestion you have :)
abusama27@gmail.com 2017/08/14 17:39:06 0 0
Proxy IP is the main factor for Traffic Bot Pro software. Is it possible to provide at least 100 free proxy IPs for Traffic Bot Pro Full version User?It is my suggestion to provide Paid Proxy IP service from WhiteHatBox company for Traffic Bot Pro users.
ownpy 2017/08/11 21:09:08 0 0
Today i purchased 'Traffic Bot Pro Full Version', but i don't get the software,  i want make a refunds. No one response. I already purchased 'SpinnerChief 5 Ultimate Version' before, but this time is so bad experience.
didi101 2017/08/14 16:06:18 0 0
Have you a video tutorial for this SoftwareTHANKS
Luckystar 2017/08/11 21:19:54 0 0
Cannot see any video support for the TrafficBotPro, Why?  No tutorial, no manual and no video. Cannot understand some of the functions. Please post tutorial.Urgent.....
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