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ocs2010 2020/03/29 18:22:19 0 0
The program does not comment   IN  youtube
Simon Church 2020/03/29 06:03:33 0 0
How many visits are people able to generate via an appropriate proxy here? I'm with stormproxies on the 80 thread back connect roatation subscription and finding it hard to get above 8000 visits per day on my site. On some days its difficult to even get above 5000.
[email protected] 2020/03/26 22:49:48 0 0
I am trying to use Main Gateways Rotating Proxies but it does not works, window google show:Redirect LoopRedirection limit for this URL exceeded. Unable to load the request page.This may be caused by cookies...
[email protected] 2020/03/26 22:34:26 0 0
Hi, after start my first bot, i have seen on google analytics that Keywords are "not provided". Is analytics does not recognize keywords search ?
Waruna97 2019/10/16 17:03:22 0 0
 Where i can find highly anonymous proxies to run my task.you mention storm proxies service is one of the recommended proxy providers, we can use to this bot....
boris.alchev 2019/12/03 05:54:12 0 0
Pplease help me,how to export scraped proxies from Traffic Bot Pro 2 and put in Traffic Bot Pro 2?
PredictionCoins 2020/03/24 04:01:11 0 0
John Blues 2020/03/12 08:33:53 2 0
Hi. I'm looking to buy the software. My questions are, simple. 1)Is the software working well for you? 2)Is the traffic showing up successfully in google analytics? Thanks for any input.
jeff1985 2019/04/13 06:37:45 0 0
I’m eager to buy this bot but I need it work on cpm ad networks and not get blocked. We uses google ad exchange and other top cpm based ad networks we know we must buy the top proxy conpanies but we need advice from earning on display and video ads
Mark O. 2020/03/08 20:11:58 0 0
How to Set up Proxy settings | Type: Network - URL - GET Method - Custom Regex ?Check URL:    What it means check URL?URL:    What URL it be input, URL from Proxy provider?Custom Regex:    What Syntax or what programming language (HTML, CURL, JS?)?Request Headers: What Syntax (see 3rd) ?Could you explain how to set up the configuration from the screen above?Please provide some example with dummy informations for better understanding (and ori...
howard.kenyon 2019/11/24 23:56:05 0 0
Hi I need help setting the software up how do you work and setup the proxy ect? the is no manual/instructions on how it all works, and what is the account manager for
Ornekali 2019/11/22 00:25:56 0 0
Hello,I got Backconnect Proxies from StormProxies.But I couldn't complete the installation, can you help me how?
Vision 2020/01/29 10:33:27 0 0
I put the clicks on ad from the tool and in adsence it was detected as a two click but after a few minutes later clicks in Adsense become zero. Please tell which mistake I had done during running a tool.
jaylee 2020/01/29 14:21:50 0 0
For other hosting, TBP works fine.However, websites that use Siteground hosting cannot run TBP.When I check debug, the browser does not open. Under the same conditions, use a proxy like the same program, but a domain using a toxic siteground host will not open the browser.Please check.
louvregallery-yoel 2020/01/29 08:12:52 0 0
I have a website and I want for someone to search some keywords and though the key words to enter my website. It could be done by computer but need it to be natural to google and bing. Can you get back to me if its something your system can do and if you can do it for me to set it up for us and we will pay you for this. Please get back to me. Thank you.
Ornekali 2019/11/21 20:27:37 0 1
Hello,Can you help me how to use trafficbotpro2?,I pasted the API KEY, but when I get google captcha, the page closes immediately.Need help with the solution.
jaylee 2020/01/16 09:16:47 1 0
I'm building direct traffic.But, the following message keeps appearing and I wonder why....
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