gords56 2016/09/22 17:54:11 0 0
The serial code for spinner chief 4 is invalid , I have just purchased , how to get a new one?
kennyhilory 2016/09/12 05:46:26 0 0
My PayPal email is different from the email i used for sign up. Hope there won't be any issue when i purchase the software with a different PayPal email, do i have to sign up again with the PayPal email? Waiting for your response, Thanks.
plummer 2016/09/07 12:52:50 0 0
how do I use spincheif4 now? The old support was support@whitehatautomation.com but it doesn't work. My old version of spinchief doesn't work.how do I update to spinchief4Thanks 
sam2211 2016/08/31 07:09:01 0 0
Its been one week and there is no response from your side. I asked you how to spin the excel file but your support team is behaving totally irresponsible. I have attached the snapshot of email which I sent you on 23 Augusts, but still no reply from your side. ...
Djroyb 2016/08/25 08:56:10 0 0
how can I protect my keyword with super spin in spinnerchief
mamoke 2016/08/24 05:37:50 0 0
I just downloaded whitehatbox am getting an error message when trying to open it on my computer.It says whitehatbox has encountered a problem and needs to close . 
mamoke 2016/08/23 12:31:56 0 0
Is Spinner Chief 2 still functional? I just downloaded it a while ago and it's taking more than two hours to send me a verification email .
sam2211 2016/08/22 12:08:28 0 0
Hey, is there anybody to support me. I have an excel file which contains articles in column A. I want to spin the excel file containing 100 articles but it's not spinning. I have posted this issue tons of times but no one is helping me. Yeah on skype, there is Sunboya. He/She even don't bother to respond to the problem. That's really bad.Regards,
sam2211 2016/04/15 14:37:37 0 0
 I want to spin cells of excel file. In advanced tools, when I upload excel file to spin and press spin then it takes too much time and shoes "Generating Articles" but it doesn't generate articles after long wait.Can you help me with spinning excel file ?
pocakka1 2016/08/17 04:22:57 0 0
Hi,I have tons of well written content in my niche from Web.archive from expired domains (2009-2012). Just unique content: 100% copyscape pass, no Google indexing.I want to text spinning just 10-20% in every article because of copyright. :)Can I set "percentage" in Spinnerchief?Regards
wcsaw1982 2016/08/15 14:19:43 0 0
anyone can reply to me?
wcsaw1982 2016/08/15 05:06:34 0 0
does here have any support?i have been purchases spinnerchief product a week ago and i facing problem when i started using it and i ask my questionsss last week until now no any reply to my questions.but when i say i interested in another product, there is very fast reply to try to close sales.what kind of services like this?
kevinleijh 2016/02/03 00:38:56 0 0
Can you help? I did not receive the email you said? How to upgrade from sc3 ultimate to sc4? thanks
bobbycool 2016/07/24 11:00:36 0 0
I have been patient with the thesaurus access. Even I have bough SpinnerChief4 for about a month, I only use the free thesaurus. I can't access the "Incredible" Cloud Thesaurus...I though this is because of my connection or the server are down, but now I think the it'll never be fixed...I Also try to access the web version, slow process. sometimes it didn't show any synonym.Is this software dead or still alive?
techguy 2016/07/17 09:38:48 0 0
I am getting this message from last 2 days when I Click Register Email.I downloaded the free version of Spinner Chief.They dont have any support # where I can call.Please help. 
graceewong@Yahoo.com 2016/07/15 02:47:13 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:32bitSoftware Version:freecan't get my api or my serial code!! 
kcollier63 2015/05/01 00:39:09 1 0
To upgrade from the Elite version of Spinner Chief to the Ultimate version, do you have to pay the full $199 or do you get credit for purchasing the elite version?
Noorahamed 2016/07/14 13:27:57 0 0
Recently i,m facing problem to use spinner chief.My spinner chief software can,t login.I,m facing login problem.Any one can help me to solve this problem.
cnbeger@gmail.com 2016/07/10 07:02:56 0 0
Hello,I just got the free Spinner Chief Web Version (I am using Mac) to test a few thing before I decide to buy. I did not get a serial number via email - so I have been cancelling the window. I tried to do a spin and got the message "Network Error". Long story short .... What ever I have tried, I couldn't get it working.Am I doing something wrong, do I need the serial number or is there a software error. ...
nicolos 2016/07/10 23:13:59 0 0
There are so many article spinners/rewriters, why i choose SpinnerChief? There are 3 reasons as follow:FastSpinnerChief 4 can spin/rewrite hundreds of new articles in minutes, it even spin/rewrites one article to 10 new articles in seconds. SpinnerChief is faster than Wordai, Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner after my test on all of them. ...
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