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  • My topic Google Cookie error, 0 % su...
  • I have tested our 4 elite residential proxy rotation services, the best and most expensive. And for each I am receiving this google cookie confirmation every time and it is not working, please could you kindly fix as it is consuming all my bandwidth and becoming quite costly with 0% results
  • 1-5 16:39
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  • My topic User Agents are necessary ?
  • Hi, I am using to generate SEO Click, so Google search my keyword and then click on my site. Do you recommend using User Agents? I currently have 0 in my user agents list. I noticed there is an option to import these user agents, but where do I find a good list of User agents? Also I have 98% bounce rate as bot just scrolls 1 page, please help me to make bot scroll and click through multiple pages, I have tried the custom, but it is too difficult for me.
  • 2020-09-27 04:32
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  • My topic Please could you help me wi...
  • Hi there, Does Traffic Bot Pro allow for me to use my Proxy suppliers API? The reason why, is that if I use api, then I can change ip and each end point. This is the instructions they send to me Change IP on the package on specific port:<api_key>&package_key=<package_key>&port=9000api_key - uniq for every soax account, you can find it on page Profile -> Api Key package_key - Login of the package you need to change IP,  you can find it on Proxy -> Quick Access -> Login port - port you need to change IP so I will enter this: I am wondering where in proxy settings could I enter this, is it possible? I see there is option for network, not sure how this proxy network feature works.
  • 2020-09-08 05:19