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  • I thought it wise to collate all the bugs, issues and missing features for TAP2 into one thread. I hope the devs read and accept this and get someone on board to help if they can't sort them. TAP2 COULD be an incredible program with the below fixed, some tweaks and just a handful of new features - at the moment though its a mess. I wouldn't even consider us to be beta testers, its so unfinished and buggy its in alpha phase and needs A LOT of work.  Before I begin i'll state I'm a long term advanced computer user. I'm currently running TAP2 on a 3.6 ghz i7 Quad core 32gb of ram Dedicated Server - it has 800mbps up and down gigabit connection, although as I'll mention later, internet speed has little bearing on running TAP2 regardless of what the devs suggest. Ive tried TAP on multiple big and a little servers and VPS and Ive run it on various sized Amazon AWS instances to test it in different situations. Im attempting to run 300+ accounts. I use ALL top class private proxies from a premium supplier. Following. PEOPLE'S FOLLOWERS. First of all, following needs addressing. My current method is to load a list of similar accounts tick "follow people's followers". However, I'm guessing this works in a very inefficient way (like most things in TAP2!) and as such after following about 30-40 people with 300 accounts again you'll see this…for a LOOOONG time… I imagine at this point, judging by how other modules operate. TAP2 is simple going to the first person in your list every time and going through their list of a followers from page one. Thus after a few hundred its taking forever to continually skip through them and more so it never saves the results so has to do this every time until it finds some new people to follow…VERY ineffiecnt. For proper hands off automation of a lot of accounts this method needs improving. It should work like this. The program should pick a person from your list, search through their followers using ONE thread and make a file of the resulting followers - this way it doesn't need to do it again every single time. Each account should be picking different people in the list. Then ALL accounts should be sharing the resulting search results list. This makes a lot more sense then every account searching the full list every time. The other option at the moment, is to scrape a huge list yourself of followers. This is difficult for 300 accounts as you need another app and you need to get them into a text file. However it also doesn't work properly in TAP2. LIST FOLLOWING. Take for example you have a list of 10,000. Lets say 1000 of them are suspended accounts (for example). TAP2 will obviously fail to follow the suspended accounts. However when it fails to follow someone, rather than scrub them from the list, on the next cycle around the task it will attempt to follow these people again before getting to the next successful follower. imaging in this example you're 5000 people into the list, it could be still attempting to follow 500+ people on EACH account EVERY time it loops around. Making the task fall to a snails rate. Not useful really. There needs to be an option to scrub unsuccessful follows from your list so it can move onto the next. DESKTOP FOLLOWING. Desktop following has NEVER worked for me since being introduced, It initially appears to work better and quicker than mobile following however, it will stick on attempting to follow certain people. For instance I've just tried it again and for me its stuck on trying to follow april_rash for about 40 minutes now and it will NEVER follow her - causing this thread to get stuck and stopping the task repeating again. A huge bug which makes desktop following not work. Like most things in TAP2 it lacks a timeout option to stop things locking on and moving onto the next. I imagine if not everyone is getting this its due to an option I have ticket in following, like "don't follow if links in last 3 tweets" etc. I don't know, its a guess, but It must be one of these causing it to stick if it doesn't happen to everyone. Although to be fair I tried it once with just ONE name imported and all those options turned off and it still got stuck on some accounts so probably not. Ive brought this up in the past but told it works, when it doesn't - theres been 5-6 new versions since it was introduced! Retweets. Another task which gets "stuck" on things and would benefit from a timeout setting to stop and move on to other tasks. At best I get 3 RT's on my accounts before it gets stuck on "getting tweet links" and never carries on unless I stop and restart the module. An ability to RT people who have sent messages TO you is a must for this module really, to make your account look more interactive. Replies. Like above gets stuck within a few loops around. Not something I use too often as it'll get you banned, but REALLY needs the option to JUST reply to people who have sent you a message the way it used to work in Tweet Attacks 3 - this way you won't get banned AND your account looks interactive. HUGE CRASH BUG. Ive seen someone else report and I feel sorry for those who don't have backups but there is a MASSIVE bug with the program which needs fixing NOW. The program will often hang and crash when you stop all tasks and try to quite (often locks up in task manager with 90%+ CPU usage and you have to force the process to close) its all part of the very unstable buggy nature of the app. HOWEVER, something unforgivable is that if this happens it'll corrupt the TL.DAT file as it'll write something incorrect to it. Next time you open the app all your tasks will have disappeared. Very poor. Ive got around it by having it on Dropbox and using their fantastic built in versioning to role back to a TL.DAT file that works and contains the tasks, but this needs looking at and fixing. Other crash bugs include this screen because there haven't been any data error protection built to address it, poor again. Often you'll get a dotNET crash error which you can click continue to ignore when trying to save task data. I think this all centres around the problems with TL.DAT. It might be better rather than maintaing one large file you're obviously having issues with, if each task had its own file -as a suggestion. But a lot of work needs doing here on the backend. GUI Issues. The GUI has too many inconsistencies and bugs to list to be honest. They're also difficult to example in text. But things like the "start checked tasks" and "start selected tasks" not being consistent. You can untick a task whilst its running, click on another task, then go back to that task and its setting box will be accessible. Sometimes a task shows play but you can't start it, then you have to quit TAP2 and restart it, often to find your TL.DAT file mentioned above us corrupt. Again a lot of cleaning up needs doing here, its in alpha not beta phase and its very unfinished. We're not on version 5.2, we're on version 0.52 Inefficiency. The app is currently HUGELY un-optimised. MASSIVELY so. Ive seen the devs mention internet connection and ram. Neither is particularly important. The app won't touch even 0.2% of your internet connection a typical VPS even with hundreds of threads going. You'd be able to run any amount on a 100mbps fibre connection at home even. Ram, I've never seen the app use more than 500mb no matter what you tell it to do. No biggy for even a modest 2gb setup. 32gb laughs at it. However CPU is a different matter. Its horrendously un-optimsed for this. Especially compared to something like Tweetattacks, or even Tweet Daemon! Even with a modest 25 threads it'll chew up 30% CPU on an i7 machine that scores 14,000+ on Geekbench!! The GUI is inaccessible at 300 threads no matter what CPU your run because its simple NOT optimised for it. I can't use more than 50% of my i7 processor on any amount of tasks because it'll freeze the app. its not multi-thread optimised at all. My personal solution to this has been to run 6 virtual machines on my dedicated server all running Tiny7 and instance of TAP2 on each - I assign one task to each one and they have 2 cores each to use. Each instance uses about 15% of my main processor and they run much faster when spread out amoungst apps - the guis are accessible and they cycle round properly - however I shouldn't have to do this. Its only because the app is so poorly programmed. Now as I said, the ideas here are great, but the execution is currently poor. This app COULD be fantastic. But the above bugs need fixing RIGHT NOW and the code needs optimising as an on going process. If the current dev/s can't do I advise getting in a donNET expert in ASAP to clean up the code. Fixing the following module so it works properly hands free with lots of accounts is a must along with the other issues here and with just a few new features the app could be fantastic and one I would recommend to to anyone. Hopefully this constructive and written post helps the devs focus their attention and think seriously about how to address issues. But people don't pass the blame the end user, servers, specs, proxies etc as that is NOT the case. Good luck guys.  If anyone has any work arounds for anything above they'd like to add until they are fixed please do, especially the following issues. 
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  • Just to give a warning, had a number of accounts get their password reset this morning with the message Twitter believes that your account may have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter. I had been testing the new favourites feature, although only is small quantities, not sure if thats. Cant tell how many accounts its actually happened to as I don't have e-mails for all of them. They're not banned or suspended but you need to login and create a new password which is a pain. Only difference is latest update and trying out the favourite module. 
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  • A very powerful and useful feature would be the ability to import the accounts we've created and update the passwords. This is very useful to stop sellers reselling accounts we've bought. Also, inevitably there will be some failures in a long list of say 1000 accounts. The ability to re-try or export failures to retry would be a great feature. We obviously want to change the password on every account so if there is some kind of network error we need to retry on those accounts easily (start task - return failures) and if they still fail, we need to be able to check why, fix it and try again (so an easy way to check only failure accounts in the list for next time)
  • 2014-01-03 03:35
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  • I'm trying to import my new proxies for 600 accounts this morning and its an utter nightmare as the bind proxy section is so limited, its even worse/impossible to get the same proxies on each account across multiple instances of the program without just copying the accounts files over. I propose the section gets some much needed work asap allowing the following. At the moment you can only import a list of 500 proxies maximum. This is useless it needs to be set at 10,000 if there is any limit at all. There needs to be a way to export JUST the proxies associated with the accounts. So once set, you could export the data which says which proxy is associated with which account and then match them up in other instances of the program you may have. It would different from the current account export/import option as it wouldn't overwrite all the data in the other programs, it would just make sure it has the same proxies matched up to accounts and continue working on its tasks. REALLY REALLY need the ability to select account categories in the bind proxy section. Not sure why this isn't setup? It currently just imports every account you have. You should be able to select just certain categories and update the proxies just for those accounts easily. You should be able to import proxies one by one regardless of there is the same amount as accounts selected or not (e.g. if there are too many proxies it stops where the accounts stops and if there are not enough proxies it stops where the proxies run out. You should then tell it match one by one again have the option to “ignore accounts that already have proxies" so it carries on from where it last stopped, this is the way Twidium works as is a lot easier for managing proxy lists) 
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