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  • I'm using X-Spinner with third party software. First I tried specifying the SpinnerChief API in the third party software, but it returned an API error. Then I switched it to use the SpinRewriter API and it worked. This seems strange. Why would X-Spinner work with the SpinRewriter API and not with the SpinnerChief API? Shouldn't it be most compatible with the SpinnerChief API? Also, if you access X-Spinner via a non-SpinnerChief API method (SpinRewriter, for example), how do you specify settings that are unique to X-Spinner/SpinnerChief, such as: Word Quality Replace Type POS GrammarAI Spin Type Custom/Cloud Rules Custom/Cloud Negs and the various other options listed here: Does X-Spinner support all the SpinnerChief API options? It must, because the X-Spinner test application offers all these options. I assume these options are available if you access it via the SpinnerChief API method, but can you configure the X-Spinner service to use specific default settings when you access it via a third party API method, such as SpinRewriter? For example, if I'm accessing X-Spinner via the SpinRewriter API, how would I enable GrammarAI, Cloud Rules, Cloud Negs, etc...? And why doesn't it work with the SpinnerChief API? This needs to be fixed!
  • 2015-08-31 09:53
  • mms
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  • Would you consider providing an option to install X-Spinner as a Windows service? This would make a lot of sense, since it needs to be running 24/7 and does not require a GUI. It's inconvenient to have to run the Whitebox app and manually start X-Spinner any time the computer is rebooted. Not to mention, it takes up space in the taskbar.
  • 2015-08-28 01:49