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  • My topic getsmscode does not work
  • Hi,dear support A few days ago I registered gmail with malaysia and macau phone number from getsmscode. It work But today I have tried several times that it does not work. gmail indicates malaysia numbers either used too many times or phone number format cannot be verified. Macau and other countries phone number can not be used to verified to register gmails can you just communicate with getsmscode to solve this least there should be one country working....Thanks.Have a nice day
  • 2019-10-31 03:29
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  • My topic update my version and faceb...
  • Hi, I just bought blackbulkmail two days ago. And I am satisfied with its function.But I do have some questions,needs your help: A.I have got a large list of customer emails in the domain of [email protected]), I wonder whether I can use blackbulkmail to send emails to email accounts of facebook? Do this kind of domain account easily ban my marketing emails? B.if I buy blackbulkmail of elite version, the serial code also can be used on 2 computers? Since I have two pcs(home and office)Thanks Have a nice day David
  • 2018-09-17 05:58