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  • When preparing for the final exam, focus on the social studies essay. Before you write a social studies essay, remember everything you know about the proposed topic. For example, you are given an essay on the topic "grademiners reviews". Highlight the main problem in the text. In our example, let it be formulated as a question: "Is the death penalty permissible? Think of the constituent parts/questions that make it up. It is useful to write down in a draft the answers to the additional questions. This will be the outline of the essay. In which countries is the death penalty allowed? In which countries is it prohibited? What guilt deserves such punishment? What is a rational substitute for the death penalty? Then sketch an outline. Select 1-2 arguments for each part of the essay. It is a good idea to supplement the outline with examples from history, literature, and personal experience. All examples must be related to the stated topic. Make a conclusion about the problem. Look at examples of social studies papers from previous years: "In my opinion, the death penalty is unacceptable, because no person has the right to take another person's life. By legalizing murder, we give birth to new executioners. Related resources: Preparing to write an essay in English How to overcome the "fear of a blank page" when writing an essay A couple of tips for writing essays How to write a brilliant essay
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