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  • Hi im really new to this, and i have alit of question. 1. Do i need alot of gmail account if buy the unlimited users? 2. Do i need to bind all the gmail account to proxy when i made them 3. Do i need to buy the pva account creator first so that i can habe alot of gmail accounts and also buy proxy servers? 5. Do you sell gmail pva? Im sorry if im out of topic but i think is still related. Need to answer for all 4 questions so i know how it works. By the way do you have whatsup contact number. Because i want to make customize product but almost same like this, but not too complicated...make me easy to operate. By the way my whatsup number +62819860864. Thanks
  • 2021-06-15 09:56
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  • will this bot works with backconnect proxy such as storm proxy or cosmo proxy, i confused with the binding, because it says on your website that i have to bind account, how to bind account if i have 10.000 emails and only 100 proxies, please help
  • 2019-12-27 05:42