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Red Knight Reborn

Does tube assist pro needs alot of gmail account to operate.

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Hi im really new to this, and i have alit of question.1. Do i need alot of gmail account if buy the unlimited users?2. Do i need to bind all the gmail account to proxy when i made them3. Do i need to buy the pva account creator first so that i can habe alot of gmail accounts and also buy proxy servers?5. Do you sell gmail pva?Im sorry if im out of topic but i think is still related. Need to answer for all 4 questions so i know how it works.By the way do you have whatsup contact number. Because i want to make customize product but almost same like this, but not too complicated...make me easy to operate. By the way my whatsup number +62819860864. Thanks
2019/10/11 08:51:36

1. If you want to use Tubeassitpro Unlimited Accounts version, you need to prepare some youtube accounts.

2. Proxy is optional.

Proxy is used to hide your local ip. Usually if you only have a few accounts, you can choose not use proxy to run your accounts, but please run your accounts at different specific time. If you have many accounts, then you’d better bind proxies for your accounts. One proxy can be used on 2-3 accounts if you do not have enough proxies.

3. We have software called Pvacreator YouTube version, which is used to create bulk youtube accounts.

You may visit its sales page to know more about Pvacreator.


Red Knight Reborn
2019/10/12 03:28:22
Thanks for the answer. Could you recommend me what website that have cheap and good proxy for the youtube bot?I have around 1 million gmail accounts, so i might need 10.000 ips everyday and do it 100 times in a day to get 1 million views...is that how your bots work...or could you please be kind to let me know or suggest me with my situasion.I really want to have this software for youtube views...i need at least 5 million views per video..and i want to use this softwareIf 5 million views...do i need to make 5 million gmail account?Please help me with this...im totally new to all this.Best regards
2019/10/15 08:58:51

Here is the proxy website we recommend, it is our partner.


You can input whitehatbox to the coupon code, then you can get a discount. Any proxy problem, please contact them.

Our program only support http proxy, so please go to buy http proxy. Usually private/dedicate proxy will be better.

The proxy format is: for example: or

Red Knight Reborn
2019/10/17 23:07:59
thanks. Thats help. And could you show me the excel for for the csv file. I tried to put email in one row email password in one row then proxy in one row prot in one row and proxy password in one row...is that the correct way? Please i need this to setup and bind email and proxies. Many thanks. Picture sample would be very helpfull
2019/10/21 14:20:35

Here you go:

Red Knight Reborn
2019/10/21 20:27:32
Many thanks, i really appreciate it. Nice customer service. Many thanks :)
2019/10/22 11:17:48

You are welcome.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help.

Have a nice day!

shalu singh
2019/11/30 14:42:51
Hello i am new i want to know about this software and how its work please reponse
2019/12/03 18:17:18
9 # shalu singh 2019/11/30 14:42:51
Hello i am new i want to know about this software and how its work please reponse

We have replied you in your post, please check it.


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