• Melanie
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  • Hello I recently bought full version of this bot for three main reasons. 1. Generate traffic on my site. 2. Clicking on my own ads. 3. Clicking on competitor's ads. So firstly how do I generate traffic on my own website cheaply using this bot? Will shared proxy work for generating traffic? If not private residential proxies cost 2$ each I don't see this feasible amount for generating traffic. Secondly the main reason I bought this bot for generating adsense revenue. Currently adsense pays my 0.5-0.8$ per click and using your bot + storm proxies (recommended by you) how can I turn profitable as again single proxy costs 2$ so I will end up paying more than I earn per click. Also google sees our browser history and activity to see if we are a real person or a bot. Does this bot have anything to bypass that? And talking about fingerprint and useragent I don't see any option for fingerprint does it mean bot will send different fake values for every proxy used? And we can add our user agent but if we dont will bot automatically set rand user agents? For clicking on competitor ads I dont know how this stuff works and how I can prevent bot to click on my website in google but click only on competitors ads. Are there any tutorial for this? Thank you.
  • 2020-10-26 02:44