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Needed Enhancements

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I bought the software yesterday and in general it does what it should do. Can not judge the results of course for now.

But in my opinion there are some must have features that are missing at the moment (I just speak for the search engine part):

  • There MUST be a way to do some random link clicking on the target page to simulate natural browsing.
  • Spread x views over y time (e. g. 200 views per day or 200 views between 08:00-23:00).


2019/01/03 17:32:03

Full version of TrafficBotPro can do the inner page click operation. But it only can click the preset page. We will take the random link click function into consideration, please wait for the news.

Hit: this one is to ask how many views did you need. In run type interface, you can set a running time for this campaign.

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