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Google location changes with Proxy

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I just bought the software and there seems to be a general problem with proxies and the search engine location. If I set "google.de" and use proxies not from Germany the google search engine in the debug window switches to localized google search engines like "google.com", "google.pl".

2018/12/29 15:03:39

Here is the reply from the programmer:

That is the address that Google decided, we cannot manage it in our software. And the only way to control it is via proxy.

2019/11/03 11:09:02


I have question, I bought V2 traffic bot, I have proxy with nordVPN , I chose all USA proxies..... why the bot continue to send random visitors from worldwide?? can I set only from USA ?


Dora Smith
2019/11/12 17:09:11
Our program only support http proxy. Please use highly anonymous http proxy.
Did you use paid proxies.
Usually one new proxy will be generate one new visitor.
It should be not related to what kind of proxy it is. It depends on if this proxy works and if it can generate a new ip.

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