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Yahoo "Too many failed attempts"

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I can't create yahoo accounts. I am using a lot of proxys but I continue getting "Too many failed attempts". Could you give me a solution? I posted 5 days ago and didn't get answer yet.

2018/11/23 18:15:46
It indicates that the ip you are using to register is abnormal. Try to refresh a new proxy, then check if the same notification will appear again.
2018/11/27 20:56:02

I am having the same error, and I changed Proxies every time, almost 4 times now.. yet I encounter the same problem.

I understand it to be a Cache Clear problem. How do I do that?

2018/11/27 21:50:36
Aprilcaicai Could you REALLY review the problem? I just bought ips on squid proxy and the problem is the same. Please I ask you to review the problem since it is not a proxy issue. Please dont give me automatic answer!
2018/11/28 16:37:44

It is not automatic answer. This is ip abnormal.

Could you please try another fresh proxy to have a try?

2019/01/10 19:59:00

Hello Papin1988,

Hopefully now you are using it good.. as I see no more replies from you to this chain.

What I learnt from the experience is - it is not directly this software's issue, it has to do with the Phone Numbers that you are getting from the verification service.

Logically 1 number can be used for 3-4 accounts/2-3 days(2-3 days is my assumption, might be wrong as well)

Once you get the same number which has already been used by somebody else to create 3-4 account already.. Yahoo throws this "This number has been listed on multiple accounts" error, and even after that you get the same number again say after 3-4 more attempts, then the error threshold is also exceeded, and then it starts throwing "Too many failed attempts" error.

So in all its all about luck what number you are getting!!

Ideally your verification service should be replenishing the numbers often or at least everyday.

Hopefully this makes sense and helps you!

2019/01/10 22:58:11
nkadmindwl Thanks for the help! If you're right. The fate of the proxy number / ip can influence a lot. Thanks for the words !!
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