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How can I start both Gmail and Facebook account creator at the same time

ReplyThanks 2018/08/23 11:36:59 0 0

Hi Whitehatbox Support Team:

I have both your Gmail and Facebook account creator.

but when I create some account in the Gmail creator I need to export the list and close it, then input the serial No and restart the Facebook account creator and import the list.

It`s that right?

anything I was missing?

could it be open at the same time or the list form is no need to adjust for import?


2018/08/23 17:43:38

What is your Paypal/Payment email account please? Let us help you check if we can help you combine these 2 licenses.

Waiting for your news.

2018/08/24 23:56:53

Hi Whitehatbox Support Team:

Great Support, Thanks!!

2018/10/03 13:17:35
how di you manage to create gmail and facebook without getting disabled account?
2018/10/09 18:31:14

Try to use different proxies to register, then use the same proxy to login in the account. This should be able to keep your account secure.

Also, you'd better add recovery email address for these accounts.

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