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Module Object Manipulation

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Your product so far has had small hiccups but overall has been amazing! I have created a few bots using this software that run continuously throughout the day separately to complete specific tasks. These bots are quite elaborate, 450+ lines of commands each, but I wanted to consolidate these modules into one bot to reduce computer overhead and potentially expand my operation. I thought it would be as simple as opening the modules and dragging the commands to a newly created module but it tells me "can't do this in different modules".

My question is.

Is there a way that I can copy the commands from one module to another within the Editor? Or do I have to create a brand new module and redo all the custom code and commands all over again?


2018/06/05 14:30:57

Add a Quote command, then you can insert these modules to one bot.

You can check this post to know the details too: http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?fid=17&postid=1905&pid=2#.WxYuo6qFOF5

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