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creating Gmail

ReplyThanks 2018/06/01 00:07:21 0 0
Hello. I just bought the application and i want to know how to create Gmail correctly because when im creating gmail it doesn't register. thanks
2018/06/01 01:41:05
i figure it out. we need to buy Phone verification services as needed. do you know more cheaper site buy or to bypass this security because i really need 100+ gmail a day on my daily work.
Phone Verification Service

2018/06/01 11:52:44

I am sorry.

You must enter your phone number to verify when register. Then you can register Gmail.

The phone service we provided in the software are smspva and getsmscode. We suggest you use getsmscode phone service, because the number of phone numbers from this website is much rich than smspva. Also the ratio of success is much higher than using smspva.

Did you have any cheaper phone website suggested please? We can customize a function for you to use this phone service you provided.

Waiting for your news.

2018/06/01 14:45:56

1. RegisterWay: enter 1 or 0. 1 means use phone number to register. 0 means use Email address to register.

2. EmailTable: enter your email to register. You can search your email server settings in your browser. Eg: s@outlook.com i can find its server settings here: https://www.outlook-apps.com/outlook-com-pop-settings/

is does mean i can register the gmail thru email? sorry noob questions.

2018/06/01 16:20:34

Gmail version does not have the above 2 options.

So you cannot choose whether use email to register or not.

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