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PVACreator Installation

ReplyThanks 2018/05/24 09:11:26 0 0
Can anyone get thedirect download install to work? The whitehatbox app does not have it listed as an available app. I have downloaded the file several times from several machines and when I unzip it there is nothing in it. There isn't an antivirus program running and Defender is not turned on.
2018/05/24 09:15:33
I would prefer to have a refund at this point. Either this is an incomplete product or it is bogus. Should not require so much time and patch work for it.
2018/05/24 11:18:17

Go to install a Winrar software in your computer, then you can decompress it.

Probably your system does not support this kind of zip file.

Don't worry, if it really cannot work as promised, and we cannot help you, then we will refund it to you directly.

Waiting for your news.

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