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PVACreator error: Load program failed

ReplyThanks 2018/05/18 21:28:05 0 0

Hi there,

I downloaded PVACreator directly and validated the serial number. However, when I proceed with the installation, it gives me first an error saying String was not recognized as a valid DateTime. Then, after clicking Ok, it give sme a second error saying that load program failed. Here's the screenshot:

I have tried multiple times over the past 2 hours. I have also tried form different networks and with my firewall on and off. But to no avail.

Has anyone had that before?

2018/05/19 08:15:23

I've managed to work around it. But now it's giving me a new error:

How many errors are running in this software? Something keeps happening at every step and I haven't even got around using it for a second.

2018/05/19 17:04:47

Here is the solution:

Go to check if these files (xulrunner29.0, xulrunner33.0, xulrunner45.0 ) are in this path: C:\Program Files (x86) If they are not here, please go to download these files, then unzip them, then move them to this path.

Please feel free to contact us if it still won't work.

2018/05/19 21:48:04

Hi Aprilcaicai,

Thanks for the reply. I am now getting the error from the first message.

Either way, I did download the files and unzipped their folders in Program Files (x86). But, nothing changed. I still get errors. Do I need to install any of those xulrunner .exe files?

Is there a straightforward way to make this work?

2018/05/21 10:10:30

Please just unzip these 3 files to the Program Files x 86.

Did you try to turn off your firewall to check if it works please?

If it still won't work, could we please arrange a time to let us check it for you via remote control?

Please add our Skype for further discussion.

Our Skype is WhiteHatBox.

Waiting for your news.

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