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PVA Creator 3.0.7 Gmail it's not loading

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Hey, I have a problem with setting up a Gmail account when I create a task and run it, after a while the browser window pops up and closes.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Dora Smith
2021/04/25 17:05:49


According to the screenshot, the page did not load.

If you do not use a proxy, it is a network problem.
If you use a proxy, there is a problem with the proxy.

Or you can try to remove the proxy first, then check if the page can be loaded successfully.

Let us know if it works.

2021/04/25 18:55:46
the website works correctly on a proxy with the network, no problem because creating youtube almost works, but when the password is filled, there is an error that no touch was found
2021/04/25 20:28:25
Dora Smith
2021/05/09 13:42:12


The latest version is PVA v3.0.8.

You can re-run PVA or click the WhbPack application in the software directory to update the software to the latest version and try again.

Let us know if it works.

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