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Bot Chief Project working in Editor but not compiled

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Bot Chief Editor V4.8.4.2

I have a problem. I made a mod inside a project. All is working fine if I'm running it in Editor.

But if I compile it, I first have to copy the two WebDriver files manually into the compiled folder. (Thanks for support for telling me about this bug)

Then it starts if I click the exe file.

But if I run the mod, it suddenly stopps after some things have been done correctly. I figured out that it stops if the 2Captcha Plugin begins to work.

I know it's a bit difficult to understand. But the point is, that it's working fine before compiling in editor mode. Anyone has an idea?
Ann Tong
2020/11/25 15:43:57


if your problem has been solved, please ignore my reply. If your problem has not been solved, please create a support ticket at: http://support.whitehatbox.com/. Thanks.

If you have any using issues, please submit them to our after-sale support: http://support.whitehatbox.com

2020/11/27 16:45:13

Hi, I also have this problem. In the editor the 2Captcha Plugin works but after compiled it gets a Error, with: "File is not existent". Everything is properly included - API, Sitekey, Proxy and ProxyType.

Please help me. Thx.

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