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Google task dosn't work

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I am trying to run tasks for a website from google. When I run I can see in debug that the bot opens google (even proxy wroks perfect) types the keyword. When the results are displayed the bot does not clicks on the website I gave as input in task (eveb when the website is there in 1st position in SERP). then the task ends "Bad end"

Note: Same works with bing but not in google.

Tried all variations - with & without https, www nothing worked.

Everytime I tried the webiste was there in the result but bot failed to click

Can someone guide me where am I going wrong?


Dora Smith
2020/10/10 14:11:02


Can you tell us the website and keywords? We will help you check it.

Or you can contact following platform to get help.


2020/10/13 14:26:45

@Dora Smith

Not specific to any particular keyword. My bot is not clicking on the result in SERP for any keyword and URL set in task

In Debug I can see the bot opens google from the proxy, Searches for the keyword, But not clicking on the result

note: "Visit page when find target website" is enabled

Bot was working perfect untill September 30, After that all running tasks were failing

Dora Smith
2020/10/22 16:11:39


Are there any spaces in the website you set? If yes, you need to delete it.

Or can send us your task and we will help you check it directly.

Waiting for your reply!

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