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Vs 1.7.9 selecting "image" from Bing instead of link

ReplyThanks 2020/09/09 07:03:36 0 0

Upon upgrading to vs. 1.7.9 the bing searches are now either not selecting anything or selecting images and scrolling through with out following control operation instructions, then being marked as successful even though they are not.

Using white hat box app return to previous version only has vs 1.6.0 which is so old its not working anymore. Please provide link to vs 1.7.8 until 1.7.9 can be fixed. THank you


Dora Smith
2020/09/14 16:21:42


Can you tell us what function you are performing?

If you want to use v1.7.8, you can go back to the previous version through this function.

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