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How to add PacketStream Proxies in TrafficBotPro

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I just bought trafficbotpro and packet stream. However, i don't know how to add packet stream to this software. Can anyone guide me how to do it?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

2020/07/20 20:03:42
i have some questions about TrafficBotPro too.

1.How to add multiple referrers with percentage in "Browse Directly" section. Currently, i can only add one at a time.

2. How to add subpage visit in "Browse Directly" section. e.g task open the website and visit 2-3 random pages of the website.

3. How to set max daily number of traffic from this software e.g i want 300 daily traffic on this link. I want to spread the 300 traffic in 24 hours. How can i do that?
Dora Smith
2020/07/22 13:38:39


You can enter proxy one by one.

Or save your proxy to a local folder first.

If you need to add a large number of proxies, you can also click Import to import your proxy from a TXT file.


The proxy format is: for example: or

Our program only support http proxy, so please use http proxy.

Please use highly anonymous http proxy.

Dora Smith
2020/07/22 18:02:25

1. You can add referrers here.

2. Did you mean you want to click inner page, you can use custom operate.

If so, you can refer o following post.



3. If you want to limit the traffic, you can click Schedule to set the schedule for your task.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

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