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Google Search - Unusual traffic from your computer network

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Is there anyone successfully using TrafficBotPro with Google Search?

Evet I have tried different proxt companies any different proxy types, I always get "Unusual traffic from your computer network" error...

Dora Smith
2020/07/20 11:50:56

Can you tell us what proxy you are using?

Please use highly anonymous http proxy. Make sure that the proxy is highly anonymous and the real IP will not be exposed.

2020/08/24 03:15:50

I get the following message from Google, after TrafficBotPro V2 types in a search term and presses submit:

Our sytem have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending requests, and not a robot.

I am using highly anonymous proxies from www.squidproxies.com

I have auto bound fingerprint to each proxy.

It seems like lots of your customers are having this problem. You really need to get your engineers to find a solution to this problem. If not, this software is totally useless.

Dora Smith
2020/08/24 17:15:13


It may be because the same proxy was used multiple times every day.

Here are suggestions.

If you have few proxies, you need to change a batch of proxies after a period of time.

If you many proxies, please do not use the same ip too many times a day.

2020/08/27 07:10:02
I keep telling you, these were brand new proxies that I had never used before.
These are highly anonymous proxies from one of your approved proxy vendors, squidproxies.com.

I am afraid TrafficBotPro simply doesn’t work properly.

Just look at all the posts on this specific topic.

Please advise a work around for brand new highly anonymous proxies.
2020/08/27 07:11:08
Or I will be requesting a refund because your software just doesn’t do what it is meant to do.
2020/08/27 07:12:24
Your engineers need to create an update that resolves this issue.
Dora Smith
2020/08/28 12:02:36

@ Charlesr1971

Can you tell us your advertising platform and your website? We will help you check it.

2020/10/30 01:33:16
The problem is from proxy quality. use stormproxies.com or buyproxies.org dedicated (private).
Dora Smith
2020/11/02 15:39:37

@[email protected]

Thanks for your sharing!

Yes, it was indeed a problem with proxies.

Charlesr1971 has already resolved it. Everybody can refer to following post.


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