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Our sytem have detected unusual traffic...

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Has anyone recently started to experience issues with TrafficBotPro which results unsuccessful searches?

Even though I setup quality rotating proxies correctly and binded them successfully, I get the error below for every search resutls;

Our sytem have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending requests, and not a robot.

I tried the proxies I used in TrafficBotPro, directly from my computer and they did not give any errors.

Therefore, I presume the issue is somehow related to TrafficBotPro or the settings I used?

I am also using the System User Agents...

Any help will be appreciated...


Dora Smith
2020/07/20 11:53:51

It is not recommended to use rotating proxies.

For TrafficBotPro, please use highly anonymous http proxy. Make sure that the proxy is highly anonymous and the real IP will not be exposed.

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