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Champi bass

Success with Adsense click?

ReplyThanks 2020/01/09 03:12:13 0 0
anyone had a success with Adsense ? Accounts keep getting banned due to invalid traffic
2020/01/09 06:07:37
also me is interested
Dora Smith
2020/01/09 16:53:20

Hello, guys.

Here are tips.

Make sure the proxy is a highly anonymous proxy and will not expose the real IP.

Increase the page stay time appropriately.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

Champi bass
2020/01/09 17:03:00
I’m using storm proxy like you recommended. I have been emailing support (although the support is great) I haven’t had success. Time on page is 5 minutes, three accounts got banned, clicks get removed due to invalid traffic and on one account I didn’t even click, just making the bot visit the website.
Dora Smith
2020/01/13 11:55:19

@Champi bass

Where did you see the traffic is not counted?

Because if you just bring traffic for your website through direct visit, you can only monitor the direct-viewed traffic through your own website for traffic statistics (Generally, the JavaScript that counts traffic is embedded on the webpage, please confirm this).

Champi bass
2020/01/13 12:21:08
I don’t know what you mean, I’m using browse directly option in traffic pro and having search engine referrals. Conclusion is that google knows I’m using a traffic bot and is banning my accounts
Dora Smith
2020/01/14 16:37:44

@Champi bass

I mean if you are using browse directly option, this traffic can only be monitored by the traffic statistics of the website you added.

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