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Websites are empty

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Hello Guys, just a small Question cause im currently working on some different Bots and having trouble navigating and using Websites. When the Bot tries to load the Website its empty/clean/white but its finished loading. These websites are very different like having a lot of videos,gifs,pics or just normal websites with text.

some examples:



here a screenshot of my example: https://www.screenpresso.com/=03Lvf

where 2 sites as example which wasnt working for me. i didnt changed anything at the settings from the bot. why does that happen and is it possible to fix it somehow ?

2019/12/03 14:45:36
1 # TurboGolom 2019/12/3 0:45:23

why does that happen and is it possible to fix it somehow ?

I will tell you why this is happening. Due to the fact that the BotChief editor supports several versions of the GeckoFx engine, plus the chrome engine. The latest version of the gecko 65 engine is under development, an update is promised in the near future.

This situation occurs because many sites do not display correctly on older versions of engines or simply cannot work on them. Sometimes the problems are due to agents, because some sites are optimized for certain engines. They determine the browser by the user agent and give the editor that version that is incompatible with the engine.

Check this:

Which engine are you using? (I assume that geco is version 45, because it is turned on by default, and in this version of the engine I saw white pages when loading some sites.)

Try switching to different versions of the engines.


Chrome Engine:

Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2019/12/03 16:47:08

Karmagedon is right.

Please use Chrome instead, and see if your website can be displayed normally.

Thanks for the help.

2019/12/06 07:06:08

first thanks for both of your replys.

i switched the browser to my local chrome and tried to connect to the refered websites and i get following errors:


when i start botchief editor (cant find the log at the botchief folder otherwise i would post it)

nvm found it:

【出现时间】:06.12.2019 00:00:38
【异常信息】:Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
bei BotChiefEditorb.?(Object A_0, EventArgs A_1)
bei System.Windows.Forms.Timer.OnTick(EventArgs e)
bei System.Windows.Forms.Timer.TimerNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
bei System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

appears when i try to load the url

thanks again for your help

2019/12/06 17:31:26
We are gonna update BotChief recent days, which solved the issue you met. Please wait for the news.
2019/12/07 18:12:34
is there a ~ estimated time for that update ? cause not using the bot in any way is really sad and if it takes weeks or months even more xD
2019/12/09 15:09:01

So sorry for the inconvenience.

I have talked it with the programmer, and they told me that the update will be coming in this week, please wait for the news.

2019/12/17 00:20:09
so its monday evening on my site of the world and i dont think there was an update the last week like you mentiond xD any new infos on that ?
2019/12/17 11:44:01

We have released a new update for this software today, please go to check if your issue is solved with the new update.

Waiting for your news.

2019/12/18 04:55:53

thanks for the update but no its still not working in any way.

New Problem is even worse!!!!: i cant open any website now. even websites which worked before (like google.de or many other websites with the old geko browser) arent working with the chrome browser cause its hanging up. Like hes loading the website but is hanging up and my botchief editor does not repond.


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