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Add "United States" option to smspva method and "United Kingdom" to getsms

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As stated above, add the option to choose "United States" when we choose to use smspva method and add the option to choose "United Kingdom" when we choose to use getsms
Dora Smith
2019/11/05 14:58:23

Thanks for your suggestion. We will take it into consideration in the future.

Could you please kinidly tell which version you are using?

2019/11/06 01:55:18
I am Using version 2.5.0
Dora Smith
2019/11/06 14:28:48

OK. It is the latest version.

Please tell us which module you want to add to?Gmail? Facebook?

2019/11/06 14:36:59
Sorry for got to mention, I want it for Gmail.
Dora Smith
2019/11/06 15:06:53
OK. We will inform our programmer to add them, please wait for our news.
Dora Smith
2019/11/07 14:16:40


Here is form our programmer.

They will be added in the next version. Please wait for the update.

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