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Mohsen Kazim

Pv creator apple id failed to connect my hosted email using IMAP and POP3

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Hi i am trying to connect to my own hosted email on hostinger.com the problem PVA apple id always failed to connect to my email server thro IMAP or ppo3 always failed but when I use programs like Mozilla thunderbird it connected correctly without any problem with same setting that in PVA creator (Same email , password ,server, protocols and SSL). so that can't be verifying emails and I am trying to find another way to verifying my email manually but PVA creator not allowed to me to do it the debug window it always closed after checking for email verification automatically, any solve for this problem

Dora Smith
2019/10/28 18:41:35

Could you please tell us which version you are sing?

Please show us the error screenshot?

Mohsen Kazim
2019/10/28 22:30:07
I used the last version 2.5.0 my hosted email supported SSL/TLS, STARTTLS IMAP SMTP POP3 . there is no error message and there is no log file in PVA so how I can check what the problem?
Dora Smith
2019/10/31 18:02:37
Could you please tell us which version you are using? Outlook?
Mohsen Kazim
2019/10/31 22:24:41
I am not using Outlook and why should i use it supposed PVA to support any email services that using IMAP SMTP and POP3 my PVA2 version is 2.5.0 my email hosting on hostinger.com ?
Dora Smith
2019/11/01 09:03:01

We have replied to you on support ticket. Please visit following address to go to check it.


Mohsen Kazim
2019/11/01 22:30:14
There is no replay on support ticket
Dora Smith
2019/11/04 18:39:14

Please tell us your ticket number.

Our developer colleague will contact you.

Mohsen Kazim
2019/11/07 16:38:34
my ticket number


Dora Smith
2019/11/08 16:43:58
We have informed our programmer to check and test it in our side. Please wait for the news.
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