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PumpkinGoneWild 2015/02/17 15:47:06 1 0
Been trying to get someone to help me for over month now. Won't Retweet,Favorite or Tweet anymore
cn3ru 2015/01/06 02:21:05 1 0
 I tried to register with a single account but i got this dll error result.  How to fix this issue please?
shehank 2014/11/29 02:08:16 1 0
Do you have online skype support? please help Thanks
meard 2014/11/22 07:04:36 1 0
Hello,I am thinking of purchasing this amazing sftware, but before i do, ..can someone tel me if BotChief can do image recignition ?for example, ... can BC click a "specific" image on a web page ?Also, is there of will there be a (UI) User Interface builder of any description ?so that we can design our bots to look how we want.Many thanks in...
fortunelister 2014/11/17 10:59:52 0 0
Hi tried to extract it but got a message that the file was corrupted and I should obtain a new copycan you give a new copy
chas510 2014/03/08 13:19:44 1 0
I am new to whitehatbox and was just curious as to how I purchase some of the softwares I am especially interested in the mailer chief at this time. I also want to ask how do I use the code generator and for what purpose do I need to use it? Any help? Thank You!
tigerbeat113 2014/03/05 03:22:49 1 0
Can anyone point me to a FAQ for using the WhiteHatBox launcher? Thanks.
mrinfo 2014/01/30 15:52:46 1 0
 Can someone help me Uninstall all of WhiteHatBox so I can reinstall 
Abdulrahman 2014/01/15 04:07:20 1 0
Hello, I'm so pleased to be here and to have such a program! In the past I used TweetAdder then I found this one and I really like so much. Now I'm having a problem that every time I set follow/follow back and it doesn't work. I tried the same thing in many accounts but there's no change!! This problem in the last three months!! so please tell me what's the problem? Regards, Abdulrahman
WhiteHatBox 2013/05/21 05:38:54 1 0
This is a new community, we will make it great and really useful.If you want to become one of us, please send me a pm and write a simple introduction to yourself.Thanks!
Clive 2013/12/23 05:32:02 1 0
I cannot change the Avatar in my account and have tried with different browsers.Any idea why as most people have got Avatars?
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