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WhiteHatBox 2016/06/13 02:10:53 0 4
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mr miyagi_EWcE6 2020/09/19 06:09:07 0 0
Well, it looks like i will be having a great talk with customer support at 2am or 3am since it takes long to respond to a ticket. i always wake up to a response that either partially answers my questions or doesn't at all. Time to get lucrative!
Narayana Murthy 2020/07/29 23:23:51 0 0
Product is not working All it is ever done is crashing.i didn't bought it for crashing...support is dragging the issue,I have done what they told but no sign of resolve...they even offered me other products as compensation but i didn't want that... i have to answer to others ,i have to show them results not this futile conversation Issue refund don't drag further 
do2006 2020/07/27 08:18:40 0 0
Ok so today I finally was able to purchase pvacreator deluxe edition and when I went to sign in my deathbycaptcha account listed in the top tab. It let me add everything like normal now when I went to create outlook accounts it will verify them in logs but not in the actual account list and deathbycaptcha will not even solve the captchas and I do have captchas purchased. Now on top of all this the whole phone verification side wont work any one got any ideas.
topkashmiriyt 2020/07/23 01:49:14 0 0
i have installed new window on my pc. now my pva is not opening please help
mazda1023 2017/12/20 22:57:03 0 0
Where can I find the ApiKey fromdeathbycaptcha? I had created deathbycaptcha account but got no idea how to putthe API key in the program
Bot-Tester 2020/06/09 12:39:39 0 0
Buying aiostream but didnt get anything. Please solve my issue. I have created a ticket
No Cap Records 2020/04/14 03:30:34 0 0
Trying to run Spotify and it directs to spotify then direct right back to bot and register success with the green check. Something isnt right. The process start then abruptly stops! Contacted tech support but no help thinking maybe i need a refund
jcezar 2019/08/29 03:16:36 0 0
Hi,Facebook creator stay on step2 on this screen:...
leeki19920919 2019/06/30 15:17:08 0 0
Is there a Chinese version of “PVA creator”?
Vuong Le 2019/06/03 09:54:36 0 0
I am very sorry to you guys.  ...
leeki19920919 2019/02/21 20:07:30 0 0
Evans999 2019/01/22 23:52:50 0 0
Hi, i would like to know the steps to migrate your license from TAP4 to TAP3. Thanks
yosi7271 2018/12/07 21:27:39 0 0
hello i bought PAV Creator couple months ago its worked perfect until nexon.net Patch The Registration and seens then the Nexon Package Are not Working any more i get thse error everytime i trying to registerd "A system error has occurred. Please try again later. (Error 2024/1902)"altho its seems they patch mail.ru registration that everytime you registerd with mail.ru to nexon packagethe email confirmation goes to Spam Box and not to Inbox...
myrareidy 2018/12/05 13:19:39 1 0
Where on your website do you list your refund policy? I have looked and do not see a refund policy. I see where I can submit a support ticket. I see on your instructions that a refund is issued if a problem cannot be resolved. However, I do not see a clear, transparently written refund policy on your website. 
Recon4you 2017/11/30 17:27:41 0 0
Hello!I've purchased the facebook creator but the app isn't indicative at all.  It seems like the app wants me to use email accounts (which of course i don't have).Does anyone here have a user manual for how creating bulk facebook accounts?Support- please help me. your skype doesn't respond. I have wechat and whatsapp as well..thanks..
ricolubiz 2018/08/01 14:37:31 0 0
SK PluginIt's a long, long job to research your keywords, keyword phrases, LSi's etc and then to write content for your chosen search term that has the perfect keywords, and the perfect density of those...
Ratu Astria 2018/05/08 16:49:03 0 0
is there a robot to poll on twitter? I have a tweetattack pro, can I use it for voting on twitter? please help me.thanks before.
fadhilinside 2018/03/21 18:13:07 1 0
Please refund my money 113$ for buying the PVACreator.com because the software has too many bug, doesnt work as you explained on your website and doesn't meet my expectation at all. I'm waiting for that, thankyou
webnix 2018/02/18 16:12:22 2 0
I registered pvacreator for twitter (and wish I didnt) last month (Jan 14th)now, its one month and 4 days and I still didnt get a working product as specified in your web site "pvacreator.com".the problem ( as you know) is regarding :1 creating accounts and marked them as successfully created.2 process email verification for the accountsyour...
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