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  • My topic Multiple CSV Files
  • I ran into another snag. To keep my csv file simple I divided them up into several files. I placed the corresponding sub csv file name along with the full path in the master csv file. This is very similar how a relational database is set up. So inside a tableloop I am wanting to read the current row csv file. Read File / Path I selected Use Variable. This is not working. Apparently File Read cannot read a file path from a variable. So my next idea was to make a list within a list within a list. I placed each sub csv file contents into a variable in my master csv file. To do this I am using a pipe stem and backward slash as delimiters. With this method I am using Variable Operate to divide the variable into a new table variable using Processing Way / delimiters and adding my delimiter in the Split String field. This idea has not worked either. Any ideas on how the best way to do this?
  • 2016-06-26 11:27
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  • My topic Running Project
  • I have successfully made a module. It runs correctly in BotChief and also BotChefEditor. However, Run Project in BotChief nothing happens. The module does not need any data input from the form. What I am wanting to do is to compile the program to run from my vps. Start the program, module to do what it does, after task completed program (form) shuts down. I have used both RunFunction and RunWebSubmitModule. Neither activates my module. Somewhere the form is not connecting to the module to activate it.
  • 2016-06-22 10:18
  • tomt
  • My topic wordpress botchief
  • I am trying to create a bot to log into a self hosted wordpress site. I have successfully logged in to the site. When I do individual test runs everything works. When I run the module it gets stuck with not being able to find a certain checkbox. Without changing anything I can run the test run sequence again and it runs like it is suppose to.  Another problem is I haven't figured out how to go to another page. I have figured out a clunky work around. Log out. Log back in adding the redirect url for the log in url. 
  • 2016-06-20 09:47