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wordpress botchief

ReplyThanks 2016/06/20 17:05:31 0 0

I am trying to create a bot to log into a self hosted wordpress site. I have successfully logged in to the site. When I do individual test runs everything works. When I run the module it gets stuck with not being able to find a certain checkbox. Without changing anything I can run the test run sequence again and it runs like it is suppose to.

Another problem is I haven't figured out how to go to another page. I have figured out a clunky work around. Log out. Log back in adding the redirect url for the log in url.

2016/06/20 21:47:27

You should go to the step to know why it does not find the control. As i have known, some sites' id and name of that iframe are always changed. So you should use another way to input the value. please check this link: http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?fid=17&postid=2120&pid=2#.V2ickeTflIk

i think it will be helpful to you.

You can add a Load url again to jump to your another page.

Btw, please post your question on the right section next time. Thanks in advance.

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