Culturedsavage 2018/09/19 17:34:41 0 0
getting prompted that i cant create any gmails obviously they are detecting the api and blocking the emails from being made.
gettoaddmefast 2018/11/23 22:52:03 0 1
Please guys make tutorial for youtube version, facebook version ,instagram version...It will help alot
KingBryan 2018/11/28 10:27:03 0 0
Hi, Im using instagram version and all my create account were instantly banned in few mins after the acc was create. Theres no a good video to watch and nothing. I wish i can get help if not i will like a Refund.I buy this software yestarday very sad to.
spawnoflight 2018/11/21 21:47:39 0 0
I am looking to buy facebook creator. Can i ask if facebook creator can solve the latest Facebook photo verification as well phone verification? Do I also have to provide email? 
alexchai11 2018/11/18 03:00:13 0 0
Why the facebook creator cannot auto verifry phone number
Amono 2018/11/22 01:40:00 0 0
Hi,In the youtube account creator Everytime I get to the phone number phase the debug shows wrong username. Please help
coachmarino 2018/11/20 23:16:11 0 0
I'm new to all this...Could someone walk me through it?It fails at the text message verification every time.  I purchased something at SMS PVA but I have no idea what I'm doing.  I purchased like $5 of credits and put the API key into the PVACreator, but it doesn't help.Help! Thanks!
gettoaddmefast 2018/11/11 16:21:24 0 0
Please make video tutorial about how to create 1000-10000 youtube accounts using PVA Creator
xnefoo 2018/11/13 14:14:08 0 0
Hello I am trying to use the yahoo tool but i keep getting the error: "Too many failed attempts"Also, the disable images setting doesn't work the sites in the debug window still loads images, and uses lots of proxy bandwidth.
alexchai11 2018/11/15 18:24:51 0 0
This sofware one day can make how many facebook account....pls replay thks
Netra Paudel 2018/09/23 20:17:50 0 0
I am interested to go for youtube ver. Could someone let me know what else this can do except viewing ? How difficult to run and configure this software.  Can I use unlimited once I buy it ??Thanks
marvis0512 2018/08/01 17:22:34 0 0
如果我购买了Facebook version, 是可以注册大量的facebook 账号?是会给我 能登录的邮箱和密码吗?有限制可以注册多少个吗?是手动注册 还是自动?
Seri12898 2018/10/28 13:54:42 0 0
I bought a blackfriday sale It's Gmail Creator but what i received was Instagram Creator i already requested an immediate support i already choose a time slot but to no avail is this normal ? 
tipptoplaptop 2018/10/27 01:02:56 0 0
HeloI tried to made Linkedin profiles but I can't . I didn't found any exact  doing list .   Example.. how can I resolve automatic PVA SMS  activation ? Please helpThanks
neïl ELLEUCH 2018/07/05 03:39:23 0 0
Hey Now pva instagram fill up all the boxes but than at the macro 50 : mouse emulator it click on register with facebook so it get stuck but if i click manually to continue register the program can finish registration.I hope i gave a clear resume
rhuddlestone 2018/10/17 16:49:00 0 0
HII purchased the Pinterest account creator.  Is there a tutorial that will show me how to set up a campaign.  I cant seem to get it working.Thanks
yusufben 2018/10/13 17:47:00 0 0
Hotmail.com ve web.de e-postalar? ekliyorum Facebook hesab? pop3 ve imap olarak olu?turuluyor ama e-posta hesab?n? onaylam?yor
zyphyrsampz 2018/10/03 09:26:18 0 0
after a few minutes of created gmail they are getting disabled. any solution for this? i verify the gmails manually because i have a lot of simcard here to use. 
hdl46hdl46 2018/10/06 01:17:54 0 0
Hi,dear supportA few days ago I registered gmail with malaysia and macau phone number from getsmscode. It workBut today I have tried several times that it does not work.gmail indicates malaysia numbers either used too many times or phone number format cannot be verified.Macau and other countries phone number can not be used to verified to register gmailscan you just communicate with getsmscode to solve this...
wizcap888 2018/08/23 11:36:59 0 0
Hi Whitehatbox Support Team:I have both your Gmail and Facebook account creator.but when I create some account in the Gmail creator I need to export the list and close it, then input the serial No and restart the Facebook account creator and import the list.It`s that right?anything I was missing? could it be open at the same time or the list form is no need to adjust for import?...
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