papin1988 2018/11/23 03:56:35 0 0
Hello,I can't create yahoo accounts. I am using a lot of proxys but I continue getting "Too many failed attempts". Could you give me a solution? I posted 5 days ago and didn't get answer yet.
cpamoney 2019/01/02 07:30:25 0 0
where's the support team? I need help with fb pva creator, can some support leave their skype so we can talk? I submitted a ticket a day ago and still haven't got an answer please help out
lexdxy12 2019/01/04 08:43:02 0 0
The package does not get the verification mail. i have gone back and manually checked if the email account was working and the package still doesnt work
dijachu 2019/01/05 08:39:17 0 0
The software fails to select any gender on the gmail signup page.I have to manually select it for EACH account. Then it gets stuck on the terms page.I have attached the screenshots here:Stuck at gender:...
royalmax007 2019/01/04 12:10:11 0 0
hi supportyesterday i purchased pva creator for gmail  ans also put some fund in getsmscode but problem is in getsmscode dont have much phone numbers right  my 90 phone number request failed and only 5 request successful to create gmail account .. always get a same error in phone number input place i already added a screenshot. so my point is what i do you provided 2 sms service . if this is not working then pvacreator is useless without phone verification .
morningfox 2018/12/30 17:16:47 1 0
phone #s provide from getsmscode are not working...it failed every time at the phone verification phase..BTW I am using US#
lzqstar2008 2018/12/31 22:27:08 0 0
i  need a chinese customer supportmy qq is 284364577  I have bought Facebook creator, but I don't know how to use it. I am a Chinese. Do you have any Chinese Video teaching?
黃源璋 2018/12/28 14:24:24 0 0
KsoftwareTW 2018/08/19 21:17:07 0 0
Forexsir 2018/12/08 07:14:07 0 0
  Hello,I have a question about the PVA Created and decided that I would get the best answers here in the forum. I understand how the creator works and can create bulk verified gmail accounts, but the question is - Can the PVA Creator verify already existing accounts that need phone verification?Thank you in advance!
Le Van Sy 2018/12/27 12:32:30 0 0
You can see what is happening with my payment accountI bought PVACreator support package for Gmai version.When I make a payment, your website notifies me that I cannot make a transaction.But my account has been charged, please explain to me about thisAnd I still haven't received the link after your pu...
nike7333 2018/12/04 00:59:45 0 0
Здравствуйте! Я хотел спросить о создателе аккаунтов facebook. Как дела в регистрации? Существуют ли какие-либо запреты на аккаунт? Можно ли выгрузить свою учетную запись cookie после регистрации?
Farrukh Arshad 2018/12/18 11:33:22 0 0
even after adding private proxy to pva creator i still get an error "can't create a google account"
gettoaddmefast 2018/11/23 22:52:03 0 1
Please guys make tutorial for youtube version, facebook version ,instagram version...It will help alot
KingBryan 2018/11/28 10:27:03 0 0
Hi, Im using instagram version and all my create account were instantly banned in few mins after the acc was create. Theres no a good video to watch and nothing. I wish i can get help if not i will like a Refund.I buy this software yestarday very sad to.
spawnoflight 2018/11/21 21:47:39 0 0
I am looking to buy facebook creator. Can i ask if facebook creator can solve the latest Facebook photo verification as well phone verification? Do I also have to provide email? 
alexchai11 2018/11/18 03:00:13 0 0
Why the facebook creator cannot auto verifry phone number
Amono 2018/11/22 01:40:00 0 0
Hi,In the youtube account creator Everytime I get to the phone number phase the debug shows wrong username. Please help
coachmarino 2018/11/20 23:16:11 0 0
I'm new to all this...Could someone walk me through it?It fails at the text message verification every time.  I purchased something at SMS PVA but I have no idea what I'm doing.  I purchased like $5 of credits and put the API key into the PVACreator, but it doesn't help.Help! Thanks!
gettoaddmefast 2018/11/11 16:21:24 0 0
Please make video tutorial about how to create 1000-10000 youtube accounts using PVA Creator
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