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emmazhouzhou 2018/04/17 13:52:39 2 0
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ernie100 2019/03/25 19:17:47 0 0
this pva gmail not workinghere what its happenedthey advice to get good ratio is use getsmscode and this is happenedhttp://prntscr.com/n2l9hsits show +username is wrong while i did put the right username and token and no left spaces as they mentionssupport say to get faster help send to email but i didnt get any respons in email even skype they not help and just giving general...
Karmagedon 2019/01/10 22:07:11 0 0
Among the heaps of recent forum posts are a bunch of complaints about the work of the Gmail at PVACreator.https://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=6640https://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=6924and others postsTherefore, I am afraid. Does he even work? I would like to ask other users how things are going with him?Judging by the...
Micah4232 2019/03/01 04:28:10 2 0
Hello there,I am writing in hopes that we can discuss a way to improve the gmail creator and the sms providers. I have triede a few small batches to test things out and the getsms and pva numbers are horrible for success rates and the prices are high for the numbers ad well.Do you have plans to implement a new api or sms provider for a better quality product? Or can we discuss this a new api for this product?...
Culturedsavage 2018/09/19 17:34:41 0 0
getting prompted that i cant create any gmails obviously they are detecting the api and blocking the emails from being made.
nishant.pal3 2019/01/09 03:30:44 1 0
How many gmail and instagram account we can create after purchasing the package
duckyduck1 2019/03/13 07:23:53 0 0
Im trying to createa new account but when i run the process, is not taken the number automatically, it seens to be missing the option of number country.Please fix it as soon as possible.Im thinking on refund, this is taking aweful, incomplete modules and less attention ....
yede57 2019/03/17 00:43:18 0 0
Prashant Chaudhary 2019/03/15 21:41:49 0 0
I want to create instagram accounts about 100 how to do it .i have added the proxies list now i dont know what to do and how to do it.how to setup mail.ru to work it in instagram accounts .plz help and send me a simple manual to understand this?
duckyduck1 2019/03/09 03:52:40 2 0
After the PVACREATOR finished on creating google accounts i want to enter to gmail but is always asking for sms on my phone number but i do it by smspva. and i cannot recibe the message. Is there an other way to enter or how can i enter to that account without google ask me fot code verification? what user agent i have to set or browser to use. Any Idea?
Emusic 2019/03/11 18:57:57 0 0
I'm going to buy navater creator pva, but I need to know, do I have to buy any additional services, like 2capchas or telephones? Do you need to register with a credit card? Napster accounts, register for free?
Emusic 2019/03/09 05:30:48 1 0
Todas las cuentas que pienso de spotify, una semana me piden que cambie la contrase?a para la verificación. Si creo 2000, 1500 están bloqueados. Hay una solución para que no se bloqueen.
Mohamed ahmed_tB4wo 2019/01/20 03:30:16 0 0
hello, i want to create about 100K twitter accounts, would pva help me creating about 100K gmail accounts and twitter accounts without blocking or phone numbers? if not, Is there any way to make that, i need 100K twitter accounts.
markyjennings 2019/03/04 04:40:24 0 0
I would like to use other software to automate actions after using PVAcreator to create the accounts. Will I have access to User Agent and Cookie info that I can export from PVAcreator?
ᄋᄉᄋDroplet 2019/02/11 15:39:28 0 0
Today I bought the gmail version from pva creator.However, after entering the serial code, the program will not run and this screen will pop up. How can I fix it?...
anon8888 2019/01/11 20:57:12 0 0
HelloWhat's this Data Management for?What to do?Twitter version....
Rentrax962 2019/02/18 07:19:54 1 0
Hi. I need to create about 50k Instagram accounts. I haven't bought pva creator yet, but I'm going to get it, but before I do it I want to ask a few questions. Average amount of Instagram account that can be created from one IP adress is probably something about 3. So for 50k account I need approx 17k proxies and that would cost me a lot. There are some services like smartproxies or proxy spider that offer lot of proxies for acceptable price. And that's my question. What's the best way to create...
swatch77 2019/02/23 12:53:07 1 0
When I set the parameters to Enable IMAP&POP3 in the PVACreator Gmail version, it can't automatically help me enable IMAP&POP3 regardless of 1 or 0. Although it display IMAP&POP3 is already enabled but it is still disable in the Gmail account.
yosi7271 2018/12/07 21:28:08 0 0
hello i bought PAV Creator couple months ago its worked perfect until nexon.net Patch The Registration and seens then the Nexon Package Are not Working any more i get thse error everytime i trying to registerd "A system error has occurred. Please try again later. (Error 2024/1902)"altho its seems they patch mail.ru registration that everytime you registerd with mail.ru to nexon packagethe email confirmation goes to Spam Box and not to Inbox...
Vinicius Alexandrino 2019/02/22 23:50:32 0 0
Hello, do you have any mass-creation tutorial from Facebooks? I'm with doubts as to how to accomplish
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