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didi101 2017/09/20 16:57:29 0 0
google or bing search does not go on page 2 or 3 and so on.he is looking for only on the first pagewhat am I doing wrongThanks
JeffGhost 2017/09/12 23:03:11 0 0
Hi,A great addition could be to do a hit on a website and allow open pop up and pop under too !If we could even click on them...would be terrific :)
schneller 2017/09/13 03:37:43 0 0
Is there where to find a guide for the setting where the website is directly accessed and clicked on a Google Adsense.
larry2210 2017/09/11 06:10:16 0 0
Hi,Can this bot click on adsense ads in a website and keep the account safe?How do you recommend to use this bot, in order to generate some money and maintain the adsense account secure?I'll be waiting for your answer...
JeffGhost 2017/09/05 17:38:27 0 0
Hi :) It would be amazing to use amazon.FR and not only .com with TBP :)
carloadmin 2017/08/31 23:36:25 0 0
What is the difference between:MoveClickMoveandMoveAndClick?Thank you!!
didi101 2017/08/14 16:06:18 0 0
Have you a video tutorial for this SoftwareTHANKS
socialraph 2017/08/27 20:41:10 0 0
Hello, could you explain how we can use option "re networking", what does the option do ? what is the best way to use it ?
didi101 2017/08/21 22:59:48 0 0
Hello,How exactly do I have what to fill in order to come over the Google search klicks over the software.Browsdirectly is so great, but how does it work with Google or YahooMany Thanks
mikey08 2017/08/23 14:05:15 0 0
The first one is for ads: can it randomize percent say 0-10 % .  Some days it is no clicks, then other day 5 percent etc. Also randomize throughout day:search and adsPretend to be a mobile phone?fake the refer, facebook, etcany ads, adsense, etcWill the traffic show up in google anayltics ...
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