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  • My topic how to solve recaptchav2
  • hello, i tried solving captchas but i'm not doing it the right way, i'm trying to solve captchas on quora signup page but it's not working, please help me fix the problem, check out the images and details attached and if you notice something's wrong, please i'll appreciate if you help me, thanks site key: 6Lcbz34UAAAAAL8AdJSo8BkXQ-pUMfr7OfbTZCY8 api key: 60b5c7925c464708fe45a765a806aa16 proxy: empty proxy type: empty page url: quora url 
  • 2020-08-26 05:53
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  • My topic i have 2-3 questions to ask
  • i'm new here and i have three questions  1) which action can i use to delete text in botchief  2) how can i use controls randomly, for example where there's two option ( true or false ), i want to select true or false randomly using control operate action  3) can someone please make a tutorial on how to make projects ( not modules ) in botchief i don't know if it's clear but i need help, it's urgent
  • 2020-04-07 02:38