• Simon Church
  • My topic Finger printing
  • Does this (LATEST ANTI-FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY TO BYPASS DETECTION) now exist in the botchief software? As the last time I asked it was not present, even though the sales page said it was..
  • 7-8 14:58
  • Simon Church
  • My topic Daily site visits more than...
  • How many visits are people able to generate via an appropriate proxy here? I'm with stormproxies on the 80 thread back connect roatation subscription and finding it hard to get above 8000 visits per day on my site. On some days its difficult to even get above 5000.
  • 5-29 19:1
  • Simon Church
  • My topic HighAnonymous and BotChief ...
  • Within TrafficBotPro Proxy settings there are three options, Transparent, Anonymous and HighAnonymous, where and how are this set within BotChief? I have the Set Proxy control working to my Proxy IP but I read somewhere else in the forum that if you are tryting to improve Google search rankings that HighAnonymous is required. Just to be clear, i am trying to set this in BotChief Editor and not TrafficBot Pro.. Thanks in advance.
  • 2019-12-30 10:33