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  • Tube Assist Pro Review How to get YouTube subscribers and views automatically during sleep? THE REAL SECRET OF GETTING YOUTUBE FANS AND VIEWS I do the review about Tube Assist Pro is for anyone wanting to grow their YouTube channel in a safe and smart way like I did. There is nothing wrong with using smart tools in order to get people to find your videos. What is not seen is as though it did not exist. So you need to be driving traffic to your YouTube videos as much as possible. What TubeAssistPro's automated features do for you? Video Comments Comment on other user's videos. Most users will also receive email notification of the comment. Channel Comments Comment on other user's channels. Most users will also receive email notification of the comment. Like Videos Like other user's videos to help gain attention to your own channel. Subscribe / Unsubscribe Subscribe to other user's channels so that they will notice you and subscribe back. ... 1) It will go through and post comments on YouTube videos to get people to your channel This will gain you new fans after they go to your page and check your videos out. This leads to even more views because every time you comment on a random video people are going to wonder “Who is this and why did they comment on my video?” Then they click and go to your channel and then video to video. 2) Using your YouTube channel, It Automatically Subscribes To Potential Fans Channels For You It searches for any YouTube channels using a keyword you choose and it subscribes to users it finds AUTOMATICALLY. These people will see you subscribed because it sends them an email, then come to your channel and subscribe back and check out your videos. It will subscribe to about 1000 channels every 10 days. That's 3,000 potential fans a month. 3) It will auto 'Like Videos' 4) Manage Numerous Youtube Accounts 5) It's for PC and Mac computers 6) You only need to cost 7 dollars to try it for 3 days!  SUBSCRIBERS I GAINED TODAY Just look at the subscribers I have gained from YouTube in the last few days. It all adds up day by day growing your fan base.  Tube Assist Pro clearly works. Of course, it took time to get my channel rolling but once I gained momentum I became unstoppable with the help of Tube Assist Pro. Don't forget I also post a lot of GREAT content so people have a reason to subscribe This was my face when I found out about Tube Assist Pro.  Now it is probably your face too. 1) Start gaining more fans TODAY! 2) Get more YouTube views  3) Have your friends wonder how you're doing it. 4) You can't be that serious about growing your fan base on YouTube unless you are using it 5) The pricing of TubeAssistPro is flexible and you can buy it according to your needs. If you want to own it forever, you can buy a one-time paid version. 6) It is easily the best automated marketing software for YouTube   ***Click Here To Check Out Tube AssistPro***  THINK ABOUT IT LIKE THIS Even if you are only gaining 20 fans a month ... 5 people buy your album and it pays for itself. Plus if you are monetizing your YouTube videos (like you should be) it pays for itself through the views you will get over the next few weeks to months. Yeah, It's Like Magic. You can use the trusted PayPal to buy it which allows you to use a bank card or credit card as well. Remember, I'm here to help that's why I just did this Tube Assist Pro Review. I didn't have to tell anyone I was using it!  1) If you aren't gaining fans immediately, it is because you need to be uploading more content and content that people actually enjoy. That or your YouTube page is so poorly set up (lacking content, no recent videos, bad bio, no banner etc.) that they don't see a reason to subscribe to you or interact. You have to look active and give them a reason to subscribe to you and watch your videos. I gain a heavy amount of followers because my YouTube is set up perfectly for the purpose of people seeing it wanting to subscribe. You need to do the same! 2) Yes, the software is constantly updated. They keep up with all the changes on YouTube and also YouTube is aware of  Tube Assist Pro and Tube Assist Pro follows the Terms Of Service.  There is no ban from Tube Assist Pro because it won't let you go outside or passed the YouTube send limits to get banned. 3) Realize not everyone logs into their YouTube every single day. Messages its sending and videos it is sharing may not be seen by a YouTube user for a few weeks. So it's best to give it a month to see how it works for you. I hope this Tube Assist Pro Review helped! Click Here To Check Out Tube Assist Pro
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  • If you look where most of your YouTube views come from, you will notice that most of your views don't come from YouTube search. They come from suggested videos. 25% of my views come from search, but 41% come from suggested videos. That is to say, if you can make your video appear as a suggested video, you can get thousands or even millions of views. But how? Starting with step number 1, find a popular video in your niche. When you make your video appear next to a popular video, lots of people will click over and watch your video. How do you find a popular video in your niche? Here are two simple strategies that work great. First, use YouTube search. All you need to do is search for a keyword that describes the video you wanna make. Then, keep an eye out for a video in the search results that already has lots of views. You could also look at your competitor's most popular videos. Just head over to their channel, and hit videos. Then, sort by most popular. And just like that, you get a list of their most popular videos. Next, it's time for step number 2, create a bigger and better video. Why is this important? YouTube published a little known research paper called, Deep Neural Networks for YouTube Recommendations. As it turns out, YouTube focuses on something called expected watch time. The higher the expected watch time, the better. For example, let's say you just published a video about celebrating Christmas, let's call it video A. And YouTube starts to show your video in the suggested video sidebar. Well, when people click over to your video, they only watch it for 30 seconds, on average. YouTube knows that when someone clicks over to your video as a suggested video, it only gets 30 seconds of watch time. So, that video has an expected watch time of 30 seconds. Now, let's see you create another video about celebrating Christmas, video B. This time, people watch two minutes of your video, on average. That video has an expected watch time of two minutes, four times more than video A. And because video B has a higher expected watch time, YouTube's gonna promote it in the suggested video sidebar. So, as you can see, to show up as a suggested video, your video needs to keep people watching. And to keep people watching, you video needs to be awesome. YouTube's data shows that if you lose someone's interest in the first 15 seconds, they're gonna click away and watch something else. So, you need to create an awesome video intro to grab their attention in this 15 seconds. I started my video off with something that would grab people's attention. And because my intro grabs people's attention, they keep watching. Next, create a longer video. Last year, I analyzed over a million YouTube videos to understand how YouTube's search engine worked. And we found that long videos crush short videos. Let's move onto step number 3, optimize your video.The main goal is to show up as a suggested video next to a popular video. So, how you optimize your video for suggested videos? It's simple, copy your competitor's keywords. YouTube's Creator Academy says that when your video's metadata matches the video someone's watching, you're more likely to show up as a suggested video. First, say your keyword in your video, this is a big one. You've probably noticed that YouTube can understand what you say in your video. It's not perfect, but in my experience, they understand about 90 to 95% of the words you say in a given video. And when YouTube hears your target keyword in your video, it helps them understand that your video is about that topic. Next, you use that same keyword, or a variation of it, in your title. Now that you've optimized your title, it's time to optimize your description. Specifically, check out your competitor's description, and use the same keywords they use. Finally, copy your competitor's tags. To do this, you'll need to look at your competitor's tags in the source code of the page. Then, just use a few of these tags in your video. And because of my video's title, description, and tags matched this popular video so well, I consistently show up as a suggested video next to that video. The suggested video is a powerful way to get more YouTube views. Improving your CTR is a way to double, triple, or even quadruple the number of views that you get from suggested videos. CTR stands for click through rate. And it simply means, of all the people that see your video, how many actually click on it? And needless to say, the higher CTR, the more views you'll get. For example, let's say that your video shows up next to a popular video as a suggested video, and 5% of the people watching that popular video click over to your video. That's great, but if you could increase your CTR to 10%, you'll double your views without needing to do anything else. First, log out of YouTube, or open an incognito window in Chrome. That way, your viewing history won't affect what you see. Next, visit the popular video you wanna show up next to. And take a look at the thumbnails in the suggested video sidebar. Finally, create a thumbnail that's different from those thumbnails. For example, I noticed that most of the suggested videos next to this video use the same colors, red, orange, and white. So, I made the main color of my thumbnail green. That way, it really stands out. I also realized that most of the thumbnails didn't show anyone's face. Instead, they use mostly texts, screenshots, and visuals. Now, I knew that there were studies out there that found thumbnails with human faces get clicked on the most. So, I made sure to include a shot of me from the video in my thumbnail. In the end, I have a thumbnail that really stands out. And because it stands out, it has a super high CTR. And thanks to that high CTR, my video gets thousands of extra views every single month, views that I wouldn't get if my thumbnail blended in. The amount of work above is huge, so I recommend using Youtube automation tools. One of them that I'm using is Tube Assist Pro. The biggest advantage of the automation tool is that it can work 24 hours a day, 365 days, and without errors. Some repetitive basic work can be safely handed over to the tool for execution. This is a world full of competition. We should know how to liberate ourselves from boring work, so as to use this time to improve ourselves and avoid being eliminated by society. And I hope my answer helps show you how to get more views on YouTube.
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