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PVA Not working

ReplyThanks 2019/03/19 20:19:52 0 0
Hi i have pva create and i can get it to work the company have offed to use software to access my computer and fix it but just cant seem to connect correctly with them as hours are different, when submit it get to sending email to confirm with code and the page closes
2019/03/20 18:26:11

Which version of PVACreator are you using please? What is your support ticket please?

We will help you check it again.

Waiting for your news.

2020/03/09 04:58:38
PVA creator is not opening, i have downloaded it on whitehatbox App then it says opening but it does not open.
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2020/03/09 15:01:32
We have received your message on Skype, and the issue has been solved, please confirm.
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