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Xevil as Solver

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2019/02/19 13:40:19

You can create a plugin for xevil in BotChief, then it will work.

Btw, 2captcha plugin works well in this software, you can try this one maybe.

Let us know if you need more help.

2019/02/20 00:06:47
I think it will revalue the Botchief editor many if this will come out of the box with config like 2captcha and the other solver.
I cant use the 2 captcha function in Xevil in case that i only do xevil via remote webredirect and buy the software vor 1 full year.
Any way that anyone can make me that for a few Bucks?

Kind regards from Berlin.
2019/02/21 17:38:52

Are you the owner of Xevil?

Did you buy BotChief please? BotChief has a plugin function, and you can use this one to write a plugin for Xevil, and use it in this software.

Did you need to hire a developer to help you write a plugin for Xevil please? If yes, you can add our Skype whitehatbox we can talk the details.

Waiting for your news.

2019/02/21 20:59:37


i`m not the owner of xevil.
Otherwise i need not to buy my own software. ;)

I buy botchef developer version a few days ago.

I wait since 2 days of answer from developer if my bot is buildable with botchief and what it cost if they make it for me.

Kind regards from Berlin.

2019/02/22 11:53:05

Ok, did you contact us on support ticket platform before please?


If yes, then let's keep contacting on the ticket, there will be support reply to you.

2019/02/22 20:35:47
I contact the developer team via Skype tuesday 3 o`clock am and wait on a reply.

I also have an open support ticket on support.whitehatbox.com where i ask other questions about managing my login credentials in botchief.

Yesterday they write me that they look in it and contact me later, but still waiting.

Kind regards from Berlin

2019/02/25 12:55:15

Sorry we may miss each other because of the timezone. What is your Skype id please?

Did you get a reply on your support ticket please?

2019/06/01 06:40:17
Any Update for Xevil as Solver?
2019/06/02 11:56:51
The new function you guys suggested before is in our work list. Our programmer will check it when they get free time, please wait for the news patiently.
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