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need German spintax

ReplyThanks 2018/09/07 17:05:36 1 0
Any native German speaking people here? i need spitax in german on regular basis. As far as i know, using german thesaurus on SC doesn't add a human touch to it
2018/09/10 17:24:16

I am sorry. What did you mean human touch please?

Did you want to manually edit the article? Right click the word which you want to edit, and if here is suggested word, then it will show up.

Waiting for your news.

M6 Flooring
2019/03/19 20:21:33
you could spine the text then use google translate to make it into German you could use the bot tool they have to do this for you
2019/04/19 18:14:09

Thanks for the help.

SpinnerChief should have the translate function under Spin tab. You can go to check how it works.

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