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Can I simulate the searching?

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I have a question.

Someone search the mobile web browser(like firefox mobile browser).

and find the article in the third page of search result.

finally he click that.

in the result, search engine think people would like to click the article,

So I want to make this bot with botchief edit..

of course I know how I make the bot search and the result show

but in the result how can I make bots find whether the link I want to click is on or not

and if the link is on it click, if link is not on, go to next page..and find the url and click it..

Can you help me?

Good luck to you
2014/09/20 22:39:02

Now the basic steps are >>

1. use the scraper action to get the source code of current control or page.

2. use the if action to judge if the source code contain the control you want to operation.

3. if yes, use control operation action to operate it. if no, go to next page.

But we are making another action to simple this function.

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2016/03/22 22:22:47
Can I get more explanation about this?
2016/03/23 02:29:16
@johncfh93, what functions do you want to do?
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